It's the most wonderful time of the year!
And what a great way to celebrate by sharing in 
Holidays Around the World!

Welcome to Finland.
In Finland Christmas Eve is when people focus their celebrations.
Christmas Day is a more relaxed stay at home day. 
Finnish continue their celebrations into Boxing Day.
The Finnish call Santa Claus Joulupukki!
Lapland, Finland is believed to be where Santa actually lives!
They even have a theme park there.
Gonna have to add it to my travel list! 
I found this great treasure 
and they have them for many countries!
It's pretty high level for grade one, 
but the photographs are worth it!
And Jan Brett for the win on all other things 
Finnish and Nordic for Christmas!
She has great books in general, 
but her Christmas selection is spectacular!
These beautiful Finish stars are beautiful symbols of 
Finnish and Scandinavian traditions and holidays. 
Check out the directions for the beautiful Finnish stars here.
If you live in a cold weather climate you should for sure make 
these ice lanterns during your studies of Finland.
I make even need to make a few at my house!
Check out the super easy directions for these here
I hope you enjoy these printables to go along 
with your holidays arounds the world studies!
Your kiddies will have a blast coming up with 
smaller words from the Finnish word for Santa.
And here's a close read and comprehension page 
for Christmas in Finland too!
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Time to grab you Finland passport page!
Off to your next destination!

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