The Haunted Hop!

Fall is in full swing and maybe your planning could use a little perk up?!?
Well lucky for you some of your favorite TPT sellers have gotten together to bring you
You can score all these incredible goodies!
Ready to give it a go?
Here's what you need to do:

1. Visit each blog on the loop for directions to snag the Secret Word.
Make sure to follow each seller - we'll be checking before we sent out prize packs!
2. Write down each seller's Secret Word on the Cheat Sheet!
Haunted Hop Cheat Sheet
3. Submit all of the secret words on the Google Form
{and wait for the prize pack to be emailed to you!}
** Please note: because some of the sellers have secret words waiting for you on their TpT banner, you will need to visit their store using a computer, not a mobile device! **
Coming for the land of A Burst of First you'll be receiving
65 pages of reading materials to enhance your already awesome teaching!
Here's a sneak peek!
Grab my secret word over at my Teachers Pay Teachers shop.
Now visit my pal Molly at Lucky to Be in First to see what she's giving away!


  1. Learning in Wonderland... I cannot find her secret word! Any tips on where to find them?

  2. So I completed the blog hop a couple days ago and submitted everything, but have not received any of the marvelous freebies as promised :( quite disappointed..... Advice?

    1. Me, hoping they were flooded with entries and it is taking a bit longer than they expected. Fingers crossed!

    2. where do you submit the google form to??

  3. where do you submit the google drive form to?

  4. I also did the Haunted hop and never received anything either. So bummed..

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