Weekend Warriors- Sight Words

Time for some Weekend Warriors goodness!
We are all about those crazy, tricky and kind of annoying sight words this month!
Sight words are like that person you have to invite to the party, but you really don't want to.
They are loud, picky and don't follow the rules!
I tamed these unruly houseguests last year with a little system called Fluency Flyers.
We fly through our sight word fluency in first grade like the superhero readers we are! 
Each student in my class gets a Fluency Flyers folder where they store their word lists. 
The lists all originate from the Dolch sight word lists.
Everyone starts with List 1 and moves along.
There are 15 lists in all.
As students complete a list they color in a number on their recording sheet.
This paper is the first page in their red folder.
The can also write their name under the word "SUPER".
They then become a superhero!
Super Tom! Super Kara! 

With each list in their folder students also take home words 
that they can cut into flashcards.
This promotes a strong home school connection.
In my classroom I assess the kiddos two times before 
they are allowed to move on to the next list. 
All the assessment goodies live in this bad boy. 
I put the line of the X going one way, 
then the second assessment the line goes the other way.
After this they get their next list! 
Ooooo.... and to be a bit tricky I assess them off the "Teacher List".
This has the same word, but in a different order.
Insert evil teacher laugh!

As students progress they get to put a superhero picture up on our
Fluency Flyers Hall of Fame!
If you want to give Fluency Flyers a go in your room click the cover!

We'd love you hear your great sight word ideas!!
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If you have a half a sec feel free to leave a comment. Thanks!

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