P is for...

Pens, Paper & Pencils! 
What teacher does not LOVE pens, paper & pencils? 

Today's lucky winner with receive a smorgasbord of these goodies!

First, you can win any gorgeous Mini Set of paper from one of our absolute favorites, I Teach. What's Your Super Power? She makes THE CUTEST digital art sets of paper {and amazing blog designs, too!}! In fact, if you look at any of our covers, you're likely to see a creation from Megan! 

Megan has kindly offered to send the lucky winner any mini set you'd like from her store!
Aren't they just the happiest sets you ever did see? 
Next up is Silly Sticks! I posted a few weeks ago about these on my Facebook page! These vibrant chalk markers are SO fun! So far, I've used them to write JB love notes on our mirror :) 
However, the possibilities for the classroom are endless! 

And lastly, we'll send you a smattering of our favorite pens and pencils! We went a little crazy in school supply aisle at Office Depot! I promise there are some amazing packs to keep your organizers, notes home, PD doodles lookin' good! 
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Come back "quick" tomorrow for a chance to win something helpful for the upcoming year!

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