A to Z Giveaways!

Weeeeeee - it's FINALLY summer for both of us - Molly & Deirdre
With the school year and summer school complete, 
it's time to celebrate! 

We're kicking off 26 days. 
YES - 26 days of giveaways here on our blogs! 
Each day, we'll be sharing the opportunity to win a great prize. But don't delay...
the giveaways will only run for just 24 hours each! 

First up, a chance to win my favorite Alex & Ani bracelet!
I love a wrist adorned with Alex & Ani!
Although, I have wrist claustrophobia
and can't wear things on my wrists.
Crazy? Yes!
Enter below to win! 
Make sure to come back tomorrow for a another big giveaway! 

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  1. What a great idea! 26 days of giveaways is definitely a fun way to celebrate summer!


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