What I love most about Instagram is the ability to discover new "stores" all around the world wide web! One day while poking around Insta, I happened upon THE CUTEST signs in the world!

Have you guys seen the adorableness from Yellow Bee Boutique on etsy??
 I think I need one! However, the super sweet Kristin of YBB is giving one away to one of our lucky readers! It can be YOU! Just enter the giveaway below!
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I feel like Target mentioning back to school while it's still July! However, we have an amazing group of friends that are going to hook you up with a TON of Back to School goodies!
Click on the pictures to learn more! 

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W is for...a bling whistle! Doesn't every teacher need a bling whistle?!?!

Over on etsy, I found the most sparkly whistles I've ever seen! The super sweet Kristi over at Champagne Polkadots creates these gorgeous whistles! How fun would this make yard duty? Okay, well, it won't make yard duty any better BUT you will look adorable while standing out on the freezing {or scorching!}  playground!
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It's a Very Fast Flash Freebie Day!
You have just 24 hours to download some amazing products!
Kids love these games!
They are perfect for small groups, word work or partner time.
A picture says 1000 words!
Don't you just love it?
Check out 
to get even more!

This gem has changed our classroom math routines in fantastic ways!
It is wonderful spiral review to keep 
little first grade brains fresh and on task!
You can staple or bind these together each month for your students.
They also work great as an end of the month assessment. 
If you love September you may want to grab 
now while it's still really cheap!

As always your kind feedback on Teachers Pay Teachers 
is much appreciated! 
Please don't mention you snagged it for free.
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This month it's all about the money...money ...money!
Sing it with me!
As teachers money is ALWAYS tight!
Yet, we fork over $20, $30, $40 or more 
each paycheck for our kids and classrooms. 
At Back to School time those numbers are way higher!
I have often wondered if any other career spends as much money on their job as us teachers do.
Bankers, attorneys, doctors and financial analysts aren't trolling the Dollar Tree on a Sunday looking to spend money of cheap book boxes for their classrooms.
Just sayin'...
So this month us Weekend Warriors are bringing you
Money Saving Tips and Tricks!
Although we spend lots of moolah on our classrooms 
we are always looking for the best deal and steal out there!
Here are a few helpful tips!
Use fabric to cover your bulletin boards!
Not just any fabric....use super cheap flat sheets from Walmart. 
These are just $20, but I'm sure in store 
you can find them even cheaper!
I've had black fabric from Joann's up for 2 years 
and it still looks great!
Of course I don't have a picture though!

Reuse! Reuse! Reuse!
As I enter my 9th year of teaching, 
I have come to learn that reusing is my friend.
Your firsties are not going to remember 
in two years that they had a 
3 year old folder or binder in grade one. 
The plastic three prong folder from Target is the dabomb,com!
They are pronged so you can use 
them as a binder and as a folder! 
At the end of the year I wipe them 
with a Clorox wipe and we are ready to go! 
This 50 cent investment is going a long way! 
Our green folders house our awesome 
Our red folders hold our 
Fluency Flyers sight word practice.
Our yellow folders (not pictured) have our 
Math Maniacs reference pages
and I also  change out their 
Math Journal each month in the yellow folder.
This last tip is a little controversial.
But, one way I save is by not buying my kids little gifts.
I know that sounds crazy!
But the glow sticks, pencils, erasers, stickers, treats, etc. 
really add up over time. 
Before I had children of my own,
I would get my kids a little pressie for every holiday.
Now I have school age children 
and let me tell you where 9 out of 10 of those presents end up. 
You guessed it....in the trash-o-la.
Now I'm not a total Scrooge. 
I just try to be a little smarter about gift giving.
At Christmastime I always give the kids 
a nice new box of 24 crayons.
But those crayons stay in the classroom.
And like with my own kids I try to give experiences more than stuff.
You can only give out so many pencils and erasers 
as rewards before that ship sails.
But the allure of bringing a stuffed animal to school, 
sitting in the teacher's chair, 
getting extra iPad time 
or having lunch in the classroom never quite wears off.
The upside to all these "treats" is that they don't cost you a cent! 

Now it's time to hear all your awesome tips! 
Grab the images and share as many (or as few) tips as you'd like!

Visit my amazing Weekend Warrior friends to hear their great ideas!

U is for an "U"ber Relaxing Summer Treats!
We have put together a mystery bag of sorts of amazing summer treats!
You will not be disappointed with the treats inside!
These goodies will be perfect for the beach, 
pool or backyard relaxation!
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Ladies and Gentlemen, That's a Wrap! 

Okay wait, it's not a wrap for our giveaways but that's what today's prize is!
You can win an entire year of printables for your classroom! 
These have been a lifesaver on many occasions this year! They are great for morning work, homework packs, sub plans and even for a quick filler activity {you know, when you think your lesson is going to take forever and it takes just seven minutes!!}
This bundle includes each of the packs below!

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