Makeover Madness!

Four lovely bloggers have joined forces 
to help out this crazy little culture of teacher bloggers.
They are challenging us to change and
grow our stores for success!
Anyone else do a little cheerleading in high school?
So I went waayyy back for this challenge.
I went to my very first freebie that I uploaded.
In order to be a seller you must have a freebie in your shop first.
This one hadn't been looked at since I began in 2013.
And it was U-G-L-Y 
You ain't got no alibi!
You ugly!
Now put your hands over your eyes
and just peek out a little
because this is really bad.
You won't be able to unsee this.

Still with me?
I love these songs, 
but there are no words for this ugliness.
The songs remains the same!
And it's a great song for remembering 
those many tricky math words.
We sing this ALL. YEAR. LONG!
But now it is so much prettier!
Now look with big open eyes!
That's better, isn't it?
Head on over to my shop to scoop these up!

Here's the side by side.
Visit the wonderful girls "in charge" 
and read about over 200 other makeovers at their blogs!


  1. Looks great! Love the revision!

  2. Love the changes! Looks fabulous!

  3. I love your blog and products! I hope you still do the post on Daily 5 and Math. I loved all of your other posts about Daily 5 :)--Thanks for all of your great ideas! Chris

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