Asute Hoot in the House!

Awhile back I got an email from Really Good Stuff.
I glanced at it quickly (like I usually do)
and was pleasantly surprised with what I saw!
There was Hazel the Owl and all her friends!
Hazel has a Reading Roost for all her reading friends
and a Problem Solving Pond for all her math friends. 
They were part of a new program RGS was highlighting called Astute Hoot
I was so struck by the adorable characters
that I had to learn more!
I hopped right over to and 
was immediately drawn in with the
adorable charm of the characters 
that were there to help my students
 with their reading and math skills! 
This video really highlights the
beauty and magic of this program!
I emailed the super sweet Jen and Jessica of Astute Hoot 
and they couldn't have been kinder 
about their adorable creations! 

As we communicated they offered to 
share one of their new treats 
from collaborating with Really Good Stuff. 
Before I knew it 
were in my hands!
Ramona is the woodland animal 
who helps the kids with their rereading strategies.
I love the questions we can stop and 
ask ourselves on our E.Z.C. Readers!
These REALLY helped my students who are 
still struggling with tracking their reading.
"The bens were good!" didn't quite sound right!
But, using out E.Z.C. trackers we figures out that is really says BEANS! 
The Asute Hoot gals have also created
 some amazing teacher support printables 
and lessons to accompany the animals. 
My favorite is the story where Hazel 
meets all the animal friends!
Ramona has some more friends!
They are all about helping your students learn how to read!
I can't wait to delve into Paco the Pointing porcupine,
Dexter the Detecting Deer and the many other friends you can read about here

You can also grab some FREE GOODIES 
from Astute Hoot over on their site!

Visit for more information on these 
highly effective (and highly adorable) 
products from Astute Hoot!

Now a chance to win your own set of 
Ramona Rereading Raccoon E.Z.C. readers
and the amazing printables from the Astute Hoot team!

{I was given this product for review following FTC guidelines}

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  1. I'm definitely going to have a deeper look at Astute Hoot. Thank you for sharing it!


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