The Beauty of the Painted Pallette!

Who's excited to start decorating for next year?
Me! Me! Me!

This March I was fortunate to travel to Atalanta for the ED Expo.
While I was there I met someone I fell in love with!
No need to worry.
I'm not leaving the husband and kids!
My affair is only with beautiful classroom decor
by Creative Teaching Press!
The Painted Palette Collection by Creative Teaching Press
is so incredibly beautiful.
They are celebrating their 50th anniversary
and they've pulled out all the stops!
I could have stood there all day drooling over the colors!
I stare at this boring ugly wall in my room everyday 
and can't wait to pretty it up with these lovely calendar pieces!
Check out the eye candy of the 

I've had the same borders up for two years!
Say it ain't so!
It's time for a fresh new look in the fall.
I have chosen these beautiful borders to layer on top of each other.

On the top we have the Chalk It Up! Dots and Loops Boarders 
from the adorable Chalk It Up! collection. 
Then underneath I'll have the beautiful pop of rainbow delight with the 

I plan on some contrast with this adorable paint chip border.

The official name is Painted Palette Rainbow Paint Chip Border! So sweet right?
I also know I need this incentive chart!
I love using a ticket system in my classroom.
I think i'm going to have them mark off every time
they get 5 or 10 tickets and they get a prize
when they make it to the finish!
More details will come on this when I flush my idea out better!!

It's also fun the have the classroom a little fall-like when they kiddos return to the classroom.
The Painted Palette Collection has some adorable decor to welcome fall! 

will be adorning my door!
I see these Painted Palette Leaves to maybe 
help out with sight words as we start back!

Lastly I'm pretty positive I need this tree
to get the year off to a great start!

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