Daily Five Spring Cleaning- Listen to Reading

Welcome back the the Daily Five Spring Cleaning!
One of my favorite "fives" is up today!
Listening to Reading
I would have been stoked in elementary school to have the variety of listening opportunities my students have here in the 21st century. Back then it was all cassette tapes and records! 
Found this little gem to share with you!
I love kids listening to read because I feel it allows them 
to hear the way stories should be read. 
I know this is beneficial for all students but, 
I think it really helps our kids 
aren't read to as much at home as others. 

The first way students listen to books in my
classroom is on the computer.
Sadly, we only have two dinosaur computers, 
but as many of you know we get what we get 
and we don't get upset!
Here are some of our favorite sites.
This is a paid site, but well worth the investment!
Storyline Online is a great free site!
There aren't a ton of books on there, 
but my kids seem very happy with what it offered.
They'll listen to the same story a million times (at least).
I recently found this free site too!
More great books read to kids =)
I love Pebble Go!
What an amazing database of non-fiction information.
And we know that it is safe for our students.
Letting them roam free on the internet is scary! 
This is a paid site also.
Out PTA buys our subscription each year.
Money well spent!

Another way we listen to reading 
in room 12 is on personal cd players.
 I know iPods are way cooler but,
 I just don't have any (insert wahmbulance).
These have served us pretty well though!
I love our selection of books on cd.
are the best to grow this library!
We keep them in ziploc bags in large magazine files 
in our listening to reading area.
I grabbed this awesome TpT product 
from Always First early this school year.
There cards and the students 
use a scan apps to scan the QR code.
Then an animated story pops up 
through a safe share site.
My kiddos love these!
Check out Always First here
I also allow my students to use iPads during Listen to Reading.
I recently made a little "cheat sheet" of apps for my students. 
They were getting so confused 
of what could be used in reading versus math.
This has really helped!

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Have some great Listen to Reading ideas?
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  1. I can't wait to see what ideas people link up with. This is an area I want to do better with in my classroom but need some help getting organized. Thanks for sharing some great ideas!
    The Chalkboard Garden


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