In February I had the awesome opportunity to visit the EDExpo in Atlanta.
While there I met the most humble creator of the coolest product.
Dr. Duncan created an app and letter product called Touchtronics.
It brings the use of iPad technology to a WHOLE. NEW. LEVEL!
Touchtronic was kind enough to share their product with me.
It comes like this looking just like a 
regular old set of letters.
Just simple old letters!
With a cute carrying case.
But then....KAPOW!! 
They interact with your iPad.
You place the letter right on the iPad to find 
beginning, middle and end sounds.
The level of engagement my students had 
practicing with these is outstanding!
They could have done them all day!
Amazing, right?
Here it is in action!!
Touchtronics promo video is pretty awesome too.
Check it out!
The app you need for your iPad is free!
You can grab it here.
Now for the good stuff!
Want to win two sets of your own for your classroom?
Enter the giveaway!!
Giveaway ends Sunday night!

Can't wait and want your own set right now?!
You can get 20% off any Touchtronic product 
by using the code TRONIC all May long!
Want to read a bit more about Touchtronic and Junior Learning!
Visit them here.

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