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Open House this year was a blast!
For some reason or another my school has done 
a different theme for Open House for the past few years. 
Helpful, huh? (insert sarcasm)
This year we had a more traditional Open House.
But with a fun flare!
We did a play!!
We used Bad Wolf Press "Goldilocks and the Three Bears". 
Their plays are FANTASTIC! 
The music is wonderful and catchy!
I have been singing the songs around my house 
for weeks and weeks!
My husband just loves it! Ha!
My three kids do an excellent rendition of "The Chair Song"
If you are considering doing a play with your class do check out their website. It will make the whole process an absolute dream. Plays or productions are such a wonderful group building opportunity. My class loved working together. 
It was ridiculously cute. 
On more than one occasion I turned around to find a 
group of them sitting on the rug singing the songs 
or practicing their lines. 
Of course in the whole process I took so few pictures!
It's really hard to be the director, music coordinator, 
props manager and photographer!
So my photographer hat fell right off!!
We did super simple costumes.
Sentence strip headbands are the way to go.
For the night of our performance I had the kids wear 
a solid color shirt that matched their animal. 
Some parents and big sisters also came and 
did simple face paint on the animals. 
My little cutie that played Golidilocks 
I could put in my pocket and take home!
The kids did all the coloring on the scenery.
Also super simple, but effective!
Next year though...we are moving to the STAGE!!
Watch out Broadway!

We had some adorable art work up in the classroom too.
We made these "Build A Bunnies" which I just love!
I guest blogged about them over on Who's Who and Who's New?
You can get the specific directions, a writing prompt and a freebie template {here}. 
Here's a little bunny eye candy!
 Last but not least we did directed bird drawings 
by the uber talented Jen at First Grade Blue Skies.
Her directed drawings are so bomb diggity that 
she created a product with a whole year's worth.
Check it out {here}.
You can get the bird for free {here}. 
Last year's Open House was all about poetry.
You can read more about those adventures here and here
Here's a little sneak peek photo of that fun event!
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  1. I think it is so awesome your kiddos put on a play! They look simply adorable. And those bunnies...oh my, LOVE them!

  2. I hear you about class plays, my friend! They are a lot of work, but if anyone is cut out to put on a fab show, it's you! And, the artwork your students made is absolutely darling!

    Primarily Speaking

  3. Too much good stuff in this post! Love the play kiddos, the birdies and the bunnies!!!

    ☘ Molly
    Lucky to Be in First

  4. Your play looks like a blast! The headbands are the way to go! They are just adorable. So many fun ideas and colorful displays here to Pin and come back to for my spring bulletin boards too. Thanks for sharing them Deirdre!

    Creative Lesson Cafe

  5. I've never heard of having themes for open house. That is an interesting idea. I love the play that your students put on and that scenery is perfect :-)


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