Daily Five Spring Cleaning- Work on Writing

Welcome Back!
Week 2 of the Spring Cleaning linky is getting a late start!
I forgot to take pictures last Friday.
It was all down hill from there.
So here it is Tuesday and this post is finally being written.
C'est la vie!
This week's focus is Work on Writing.
This time of year I love this "five".
Early in the year I find it more challenging 
because many kids are doing "Work on Drawing". 
I have to continually remind myself how for many writers 
this is such an important step in their writing growth. 
But, now it's April and it's all good!
My writing area isn't the prettiest.
Can you say summer project?
But, it is functional!
What's inside all those files you ask?
These are from Pat Pavelka's book Squiggles.
Many teacher friends of mine have seen Pat and they love her!
She's on my list!!
Grab it on Amazon {here}.
This is such great sequencing practice. 
You can grab a whole bunch in my Write Now! Spring Edition

The kids love these!
What fun to make this picture anything you want.
I love giving kids the opportunity to let their mind go wild!
These are also in Write Now! Spring Edition
We recently added these because our 
sentence writing skills needed some H-E-L-P!
I am loving them.
They are by Kerri B. at Teacher Bits and Bobs 
and you can grab them {here}. 

I am happy with most of the content
in my Work on Writing area. 
But, the area itself is pretty U-G-L-Y (you ain't got no alibi).
My school is older than old. It needs a mega facelift, but I am 100% certain that is happening no time soon. But, there are some beautiful writing centers out there in blogland. 
Feast your eyes on these beauties!
I love the organization and extra writing space in 
Reagan Tunstall's writing center!
The always adorbs Cara Carroll wrote a g
reat post on her writing area 
and how to get kids exciting for writing!
This pic is from an informative post by 
Jodi at Clutterfree Classroom.
Some great writing center tips over there!
This writing center by the 
sweet Sara of the Colorful Apple makes me drool!
Check it out {here}!
This from Second Story Window is just true loveliness! 

Time to link-up!
Even though the next post starts Sunday I'll still leave 
this open a whole week (through next Tuesday) since I'm such a slacker!


  1. Great ideas!! I love the squiggles! And the draw and write...and the super sentences! Thanks for all the fabulous ideas!

    Shine on in First Grade

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