Daily Five Spring Cleaning- Word Work

Put on your rubber gloves, old sneakers
and blast some 80s tunes!
We are cleaning up the Daily 5!
Many of you may be at the point where you can see summer vacation happily in the distance.
My summer doesn't begin until June 25!
For me a Daily 5 Spring Cleaning is just what we need!
If you have not read The Daily Five by Gail Boushey & Joan Mosher then put in on your summer reading list now! In my 10 years in the classroom I can honestly say this is the best thing I have ever done! My students are calm, independent and focused during D5. It takes a lot of work in September and October, but by this time of year it was all worth it!
You can grab your copy of the book {here}.
**You can grab the anchor charts above for FREE here!**
If you aren't familiar with the Daily 5 
students get to choose from 5 
options while reading groups 
and one on one reading work is happening. 
This week is all about WORD WORK.
And away we go with how I run Word Work in Room 12.
You can grab this great Word Work printable 
and many many more 
by Lucky to be in First.
I made this my first year of teaching 
and they are an oldie, but a goodie!
Simply write letters on blocks. 
These are wooden, but the Dollar Store has foam blocks too.
Use a different color for the vowels to clarify for your students.
After they get to take that really big piece of paper home! Score!
These items on the top students 
get to do after they finish one drawer. 
But, often the kids just like to choose a new drawer. 
Oh and ps- We use socks as erasers!
I cannot wait to read your awesome posts on how you all rock Word Work in your classrooms!
Link up is open until next Saturday 4/ 17. I'd so appreciate your link back to this post! 


  1. I'm saving this for future use! I graduated just after Daily 5 was being used more regularly in classrooms. I love seeing them organized and in action! Thank you SO much for sharing how you use it! Can't wait for more! (Love the variety of Word Work materials here, students really enjoy choosing their own way.)

    Fishing for Education Blog

  2. Love the word lists?! Why didn't I think of that ;) We are on spring break so hopefully I can get to school to snag some picks of our word work area and link up too!

    The Weekly Sprinkle

  3. I was just working on a way to liven up Work on Writing. I'll try to remember to post & link up next week. Thanks!
    Stories by Storie

  4. I enjoyed this post - there is always something so simple, yet overlooked!! I really like the simplicity of your daily 5 posters. Did you make them? I couldn't find them in your shop. piccolal@bellsouth.net

  5. Genius! I love this! And the storage?! WHY DIDNT I THINK OF THIS? Thank you so much for this post! Definitely inspired me to revamp my word work center!

  6. So many great ideas!!! I love the idea of having them use an old keyboard...and old socks for erasers...genius!

  7. I pinned this first post so I could come back to this OFTEN! Thanks for sharing all your tips.

    First Grade Smiles

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