Daily Five Spring Cleaning- Read to Someone

The spring cleaning continues!
The Daily 5 is getting a spring cleaning, 
but there are not enough hours in the day to clean my house. 
I've been on vacation this week and just can't get ahead. 
Of course the three children aren't so much help in this process!
Sigh. Whoa is me! 
I feel just like the little girl in this picture. 
Before we move on with Read to Someone...
Last week I got a great question about the basic running of Daily 5 in my classroom. 
My schedule is very simple. 
I am truly blessed to have an assistant for an hour each day. 
This makes my first two rounds/groups fly by.
You can get way more done with an extra adult in the room.
Also this person should be extra awesome 
and preferably have a British accent.

For our rounds I simply gather the kids at the rug.
I first tell the kids who are in a group where they are going.
Then I ask the rest what choice they would like.
I have a Daily Five clipboard that I didn't take a pic of...whoops!
This is my little recording sheet.
So simple!
I then let the kids go off and our rounds last about 20ish minutes.
To get everyone back to the rug I have a little wind chime 
that I will ask one student to ring to 
let everyone know the round is up. 
We then return to the rug and repeat!

We have a few small rules.
*Only 4 kids can to "Read to Someone".
*You can only visit each "5" once a day.
*You can shop for books once a week during a "5". 
*Only 4 kids can "Listen to Reading" 
due to the amount of materials we have.

So onto "Read to Someone"!
In my room it is pretty similar to Read to Self 
except you get to read really quietly to someone.
I only allow 4 kids to do it each round to 
keep the sound level to a minimum.
I also have those kids read on the rug 
that is farthest away from my group table. 
When kids choose Read to Someone they come see me right after 
everyone has made a choice and gone off to their area. 
I quickly pair them based on skill or behaviors. 
Use your best teacher judgment here! 
They bring their book boxes and can do several options.
They can read a whole book to their partner.
They can share the book by each reading a page.
They can read a play.
I have plays in all my Crazy About Reading packets that we use. 
They also often read from their Reading St. anthology.
I would love to create a bin of double copies of books 
for kids to grab during Read to Someone! 

I did a little pinning about Read to Someone for you!
So many cool ideas out there!
I love this simple retelling idea from I {Heart} Teaching!
Amber from School is a Happy Place wrote this great post on how to get Read to Someone going early in the year. I tend to wait on introducing it until November/December. They've really got the routine, structure and expectations down and are ready for the next step!
One more great post from One Extra Degree with lots of tips and tricks on Read to Someone!
Time to link up your Read to Someone ideas!

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