Daily 5 Spring Cleaning- Read to Self

It's Week 3 of The Daily Five Spring Cleaning!
Oh! We're halfway there! Oh! Oh! Livin' on a Prayer!
I sing bits of songs all day long. It's my thing.
I digress...moving onto READ TO SELF!
Ever since I started The Daily Five three years ago I have been amazed with my students ability to read to themselves. The early lessons in the Daily Five are all about creating stamina in reading. I find these lessons to be essential to turning my students into independent readers! Take your time in these lessons. Don't feel like you need to hurry it along! Some classes may have their students reading for 20 minutes in just a few weeks. Other years it may take you a month or more. 
I love my class library! Most importantly my students love it! This space is always overflowing with little bodies. Creating this space has provided my students a place where they love to read. I've had to put parameters on who can be in the library when so it isn't too crowded! To get my library to this point of happiness it's taken me about 5 years. Just tackle a little bit every year!
Organizing my books really helps my students find what they need quickly. The yellow bins contain books by author and series. The books in the files on top are AR leveled. The bookshelf (not shown) holds my monthly/seasonal books. Students can "shop for books" once a week. They are allowed to have 10 books in their book box. In the beginning of the year kids need to have 2 books they can read and 8 they are reading the pictures of. As the year progresses it becomes 5 just right books and 5 books they are reading the pictures of. And by this time of year we are at 2 books they are reading the pictures of and 8 just right books. When students are "done" with a book they put it in agin called "Book Return" (not shown). Myself, my assistant or a parent volunteer then returns the books.
This is a little controlling of me, but I like knowing the
books are going right back where they belong.
You can grab the library labels in my tpt shop.
Click the pic to check them out.
Reading Buddies are the best!! I borrowed permanently these from my own three children. My students adore reading with them. They also work as great leverage. If students aren't using them correctly they have to go back to their bin.
Too bad- so sad!
I think book boxes are the most genius things I have implemented from The Sisters. Before we used book boxes kids would get a book, put it back, get a book, talk to a friend, put it back, take 12 minutes to pick out a new book, barely read it and repeat. It wasn't pretty. If you do nothing else with The Daily Five create book boxes for your students! Mine are from the Dollar Tree and are on their third year. I think I will need to replace them this year, but three years for a dollar is pretty awesome! 
Book boxes give students a dedicated space for their books.
They feel so much pride in having their books
that they chose at their fingertips. 
My students are so much more focused reading now than in my early years of teaching. 
They understand just the right ways to read a book and 
demonstrate the appropriate behavior for independent reading. 
I can't say enough good things about Read to Self!
If you are interested in learning more be sure you read 
The Daily Five by Gail Boushey and Joan Mosher. 
It's available on Amazon here

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be sure to check out this post on Word Work 
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See you back here next week for Read to Someone!
I'd love for you to link up your Read to Self awesomeness!!


  1. I love your posts about Daily 5 and I use Daily 5 and love it! :) I was curious how you run daily 5 and how you give your options to students. Is it free flow where they make decisions on where they go? Do they have to do certain things each day or each week? How long do you run daily 5? Basically how do you set up, run--what a typical day looks like. Thanks so much for running this series!!!

  2. Your library is beautiful! We don't do Daily 5 but I use Reader's Workshop. I wish I had space for individual book boxes. I use book bags instead. And I totally sing bits of songs to myself all day, too! Ha!
    Always Kindergarten

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