ED Expo 2015 Baby!

A week (and a bit) ago I had a blast at the ED Expo 2015 in Atlanta!
I was fortunate enough to be among a group of bloggers who got the opportunity to check out the Expo floor. We were able to see and try all the cool and interesting items that are coming to a teacher store near you! It was a little slice of teacher heaven!
We all voted on our favorites and we are bringing you the 

These are so incredibly cool!
We met the creator Dr. Duncan and he couldn't of been sweeter and more humble.
I think we scared him with our crazy blogger excitement! 
Can you imagine how wonderful this would work in your classroom?
What a great motivational tool!!

I want these so badly! Don't they just look so pretty all laid out there?
They are releasing a class set very soon!
This has S.T.E.A.M. written all over it!

Such a fun and cool fidget tool!
I have some little friends that could use these for sure!

This classroom tool has such amazing potential. 
Number lines are a great resource and to work with them consistently would be fantastic!

These are geared toward upper elementary, but I would love them for my firsties!
What a fun and engaging way to see math patterns!
I love that these were developed by a teacher who still works in her classroom every day.
This amazing tool comes right from the trenches.

Pencil grips live on!


Be sure to check out edmarketdealer.com for more info on all these amazing products!

I feel so privileged to be part of this team of wonderful bloggers!

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