It's  Weekend Warriors weekend!
Do you ever feel like you are drowning under the massive "to do" list?
I sure a lot! I always remember reading a blog post from my friend Melissa as First Grade Smiles about how she can only keep so many things on her plate at once. If I'm working really hard on a product then my house is a wreck. If my house is sorta clean then I have accomplished nothing in tpt world. If we do something out and about as a family then tpt and the house go down the drain. It's an endless cycle! And do I handle it with grace and ease? Nope! 
But I do try to manage my stress!

I do "try" to prioritize though. First and foremost are my children. 
Their activities, wants and a needs come above all else. 
And believe me they have lots of needs! 
So if this means a product doesn't get done in the one week 
I'd like it to then I just have to accept that. 
Acceptance isn't always easy, but I'm working on it!
In poking around Pinterest I found this great little list!
I gave myself a pat on the back because I do a lot of these things! 
Also I highly recommend having a husband who doesn't have the word stress in his vocabulary.
Josh is insanely laid back. So we balance each other out. Or he just thinks I'm crazy! 
But he's really good at #8 on that list!

If all else fails I have theses two awesome friends I call upon.
They are called ice cream and wine!
This here is truly heaven on Earth!
It's 8:00 a.m. here and I could totally go have a scoop just thinking about it!
My mouth is literally watering!
And then there is always Pinot Grigio to cure the stress!

I leave you with this cute little poster I found in my "research" (ha)!
Lots of great ideas!
Some is just plain old common sense, but a friendly reminder always helps!

Be sure to visit my fellow warriors!

Hello Sweet Blog Friends!!
I apologize for abandoning you!
It has been a crazy, but wonderful, month for me!
If you've followed this blog for awhile you know that my first passion for teaching is in dance.
That passion comes from my amazing teacher who taught me from age 7 through high school. Taking dance was more than kicks and turns. It was an education in life for me. Our teacher was crazy passionate about her art and taught me so much! What makes this even more special is she is my aunt! She quietly retired last spring to very little fanfare. Last Friday night myself and a great little committee threw her a surprise party for the ages!! 

We laughed! We cried! We danced!
It was wonderfully amazing!
I'm still on a high from it.
It also absorbed most every part of my life for the month leading up to it. 
I am so far behind in this little blogging/tpt world.
And all that party planning knocked me in the rear.
I have been sick for almost 2 weeks!!
Like "laying in bed wishing your mom was there to take care of you" kind of sick.
I even took two days off from a row!
I am hoping to be back on my feet in a day or two.
Fingers crossed!

So, with all this yucky sickness I haven't been in my classroom 
to show you much of what we did this week.
But, I did share on Insta how I am using monthly reading logs this year and I love it! 
I made a you set for the whole year!
Simply fill in the numbers depending on the year and write a due date right on the calendar.
The kids color in the block for each night they read.
When they return them at the end of the month I give out a small prize or reward.
This might be a pencil or eraser, lunch in the room with me or an extra recess.
Grab your monthly reading logs {here}

I finished a product this week!
"I Spy March" is done.
So late, but done.

We have had weeks upon weeks of indoor recess here in the Northeast.
These have been a lifesaver!
Any excuse to get up and move while learning is a huge plus!!
Simply laminate and tape around the room.
Kids grab a recording sheet and off they go!

We made leprechaun traps this week!
I love doing these  every year.
It's one of the few times during the I give the kids barely any directions.
I lay out a bunch of materials...blocks, legos, lincoln logs, cubes, paper, tape, etc.
Seeing what they come up with all on there on is such a delight.
This is some straight up STEAM without a whole bunch of prep.
Here's a few. I kinda love the toilet one =)

And then after all that hard work the naughty leprechauns do this!

Happy St. Patrick's Day from my little o'cuties!
They loved what Lucky the Leprechaun did to their milk!
Linking it up with Doodle Bugs! 

A week (and a bit) ago I had a blast at the ED Expo 2015 in Atlanta!
I was fortunate enough to be among a group of bloggers who got the opportunity to check out the Expo floor. We were able to see and try all the cool and interesting items that are coming to a teacher store near you! It was a little slice of teacher heaven!
We all voted on our favorites and we are bringing you the 

These are so incredibly cool!
We met the creator Dr. Duncan and he couldn't of been sweeter and more humble.
I think we scared him with our crazy blogger excitement! 
Can you imagine how wonderful this would work in your classroom?
What a great motivational tool!!

I want these so badly! Don't they just look so pretty all laid out there?
They are releasing a class set very soon!
This has S.T.E.A.M. written all over it!

Such a fun and cool fidget tool!
I have some little friends that could use these for sure!

This classroom tool has such amazing potential. 
Number lines are a great resource and to work with them consistently would be fantastic!

These are geared toward upper elementary, but I would love them for my firsties!
What a fun and engaging way to see math patterns!
I love that these were developed by a teacher who still works in her classroom every day.
This amazing tool comes right from the trenches.

Pencil grips live on!


Be sure to check out for more info on all these amazing products!

I feel so privileged to be part of this team of wonderful bloggers!

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