I feel like a bear right now! We are in full on hibernation mode here on Cape Cod. We have a million inches of snow, had 100 days off from school, my house has been plagued with strep, fevers and stomach bugs! What I wouldn't give for even a 40 degree day right now!

I'm peeking out of my cave for a quick second to write this blog post. 
I spent the day in bed with a lovely stomach bug my littlest shared with me.
So please excuse this post for lack of deep content and photos!
We also had 5 snow days in a row so we are still
getting the train back on the track in grade one!

All this time off did give me a chance to finish up some 
Tpt products that I am dying to share with you!
I just finished January and dived right into February. 
There's loads of goodies inside and you can read about them in detail here

 I sincerely hope this product will be a great addition to your reading block!

Next up is I Spy February!
These centers are a blast!!
You simply laminate and tape the cards around your room.
The kiddos then have to travel around to
fill in their recording sheets.
This is some great get up and go for the winter blahs!
Check out this post to see I Spy in action!

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  1. I think we are meant to hibernate. I've always thought that work/school days should be shorter in the winter, so we can spend more time sleeping and resting. Have a nice weekend; I hope things warm up for you!
    Not very fancy in 1st

  2. OMG - I hope everyone is finally healthy in your house. Winter is so difficult this year. At least, your blog is cheerful and happy! I love your new products - you do great work!

  3. I'm DONE with winter here in New England! At least we have the "glow" of the Patriots' win to keep us warm! Your new products look fabulous!

    Sally from Elementary Matters

  4. What an great packet for reading instruction! Love the poems with vocabulary, can't wait to check them out! Thanks for your hard work.

    Teach Talk Inspire


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