Classroom Organization Blog Hop

Hi Everyone!
Getting together with my Primary Powers gals today for
an Organization Blog Hop!
Who doesn't need a little organization in their life?
Let me tell you...I need a lot!!
It's a tricky little bugger. 
You just get one area of your classroom, home or car organized 
and another mess just pops up out of nowhere. 
It's like a never ending game of whack-a-mole.

In general I try to create organizational routines that require little work from me.
I like the KISS philosophy (Keep It Simple Silly).
Sometimes I tend to overcomplicate routines and structures 
so when I simplify something I am so proud of myself!
One of my classroom favorites is our jobs.
I have only a few jobs and it works like a dream!
The jobs in my room are 
"President, Vice President, Table Leaders and Lunch Bin Helpers".
Ba da Bing Ba do Boom...That's all folks!
How do you make it work with such few jobs you ask?
Here's the breakdown;

The president does everything. 
He or she is the line leader, messenger, song chooser, 
Phonics Dance leader, cubby stuffer, etc. 
Anything you need this is your go to guy or gal!

The vice president has limited responsibilities, 
but they are one lucky duck if the president is sick!
The VP is second in our line, is the door holder 
and is my helper if I need two people for a job.

The lunch bin helpers carry the lunch bin.
Wild..I know!

Table Leaders hand out papers to their table mates 
and wipe the tables before and after snack. 
Lastly I use this chart to delegate who gets to sit in our
sweet little classroom library during any free reading time
we may have during the day. If you are on the yellow
charts you are in, if not you are out (said like Heidi Klum).
It's not a huge space so it's helpful if the kids aren't sitting in each others laps. 
You can see my library and read about it here.

On a tiny table near my job charts I keep a clipboard and 
mark off whose had what job to keep things fair-ish. 

I'm hooking you all up today with the labels for 
you to make your own easy peasy job chart.
The charts I used are from Lakeshore here.
I like that little pocket on the bottom 
that I can stash the names I am not using in.
Grab them here!

Head over to visit Chrissy at Buzzing with Ms. B
for more great organizational tips!


  1. I LOVE your president and vice president jobs!!! I am constantly forgetting who has what job. Then the kids forget and bicker about who's what. That would definitely make it easier!!!

    Thanks for sharing!
    A Sunny Day in First Grade

  2. I love how you only have a few jobs. I think I need to down-size my classroom jobs and adopt your motto! Thanks for the tip! -Jaime

  3. I have been contemplating switching over to a system like this for a while! I'm so glad you shared how it works! I've downsized my jobs over the years, but it's still a pain to keep up with. I'm pinning this for next year!!!!

    Primarily Speaking

  4. I LOVE the idea of President and Vice President...super easy and manageable! Thanks for sharing!

    Mrs. Jones Creation Station

  5. President and Vice President, that's the best thing I've heard all day!!!

    The Daily Alphabet

  6. I have so many jobs and it takes so long to change them out at the end of the week. This is the best idea for classroom jobs. I am so using this!
    Second Grade Perks
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