It's the end of January already?
What the what?
And this week has been a blur.
We had 4 snow days in a row!!
It's amazing how little I can get done with all that time on my hands!
In my defense I have been home alone with a 6, 5 and 3 year old.
My husband plows so I was flying solo.
Phew- I'm beat!
Here's a little peek at the snowmageddon!
There's my son swimming in snow!

See me peeking out from the door. 
Kinda creepy!

I love this little snow bunny!

And onto my weekend warriors!
This month we are sharing some "love"ly Valentine themed ideas!
I love to have my students write little notes to each other as part of our
Work on Writing this time of year.
I have them decorate baggies and we line them up
for the kids to pop Valentines to their friends in.
Had I been in school more than 1 day this week
I'd of prepped this and taken pictures to share with you!
But, I think you get the picture.
I created these little Valentines for them to write notes on. 

Grab this sweet and fun freebie by clicking the cover!
I'd "love" your sweet feedback!

I hope you and your kiddos enjoy!
No please visit my sweet bloggy friends!

Hi Everyone!
Getting together with my Primary Powers gals today for
an Organization Blog Hop!
Who doesn't need a little organization in their life?
Let me tell you...I need a lot!!
It's a tricky little bugger. 
You just get one area of your classroom, home or car organized 
and another mess just pops up out of nowhere. 
It's like a never ending game of whack-a-mole.

In general I try to create organizational routines that require little work from me.
I like the KISS philosophy (Keep It Simple Silly).
Sometimes I tend to overcomplicate routines and structures 
so when I simplify something I am so proud of myself!
One of my classroom favorites is our jobs.
I have only a few jobs and it works like a dream!
The jobs in my room are 
"President, Vice President, Table Leaders and Lunch Bin Helpers".
Ba da Bing Ba do Boom...That's all folks!
How do you make it work with such few jobs you ask?
Here's the breakdown;

The president does everything. 
He or she is the line leader, messenger, song chooser, 
Phonics Dance leader, cubby stuffer, etc. 
Anything you need this is your go to guy or gal!

The vice president has limited responsibilities, 
but they are one lucky duck if the president is sick!
The VP is second in our line, is the door holder 
and is my helper if I need two people for a job.

The lunch bin helpers carry the lunch bin.
Wild..I know!

Table Leaders hand out papers to their table mates 
and wipe the tables before and after snack. 
Lastly I use this chart to delegate who gets to sit in our
sweet little classroom library during any free reading time
we may have during the day. If you are on the yellow
charts you are in, if not you are out (said like Heidi Klum).
It's not a huge space so it's helpful if the kids aren't sitting in each others laps. 
You can see my library and read about it here.

On a tiny table near my job charts I keep a clipboard and 
mark off whose had what job to keep things fair-ish. 

I'm hooking you all up today with the labels for 
you to make your own easy peasy job chart.
The charts I used are from Lakeshore here.
I like that little pocket on the bottom 
that I can stash the names I am not using in.
Grab them here!

Head over to visit Chrissy at Buzzing with Ms. B
for more great organizational tips!

With the introduction of the Common Core our curriculum has become a bit muddy.
I have a good understanding of what I am supposed to be doing, but the materials and resources just aren't being provided to us. Anyone else feel like this where they work? So I wanted to put together materials that I could go to each month that would cover everything soup to nuts! This is how "Crazy About Reading" was born. This little number has everything!
Let's take a peek inside!!
Here's the "Table of Contents"!
I think I've got it {mostly} covered!
Here's an up close look!

"Crazy About Reading" kept my class so engaged this week!
We got a lot of great practice in.
Inside you'll find 5 "Super Sorting" activities.
There are 10....yup 10!...close reads.
There are 5 fiction and 5 non-fiction.
They have multiple choice questions which prompt students to search for evidence within the text.
They also have a separate page for short answers which is great writing practice! 
And who doesn't love some poetry?!?
Kids love these and they are wonderful for fluency practice!
They so enjoy reading them over and over.
And that's what we want them to do, right? Keep on reading!
Not to be biased or anything, but here's my favorite part!
I love these little plays complete with puppets!
The simply color, cut and tape on a craft stick.
Then their characters can come alive. 
Up next we have lots of great work with sentences.
Here's a "Scrambled Sentence" complete with Elsa of course!
And finally what I know my kids ALWAYS need-
phonics work and parts of speech practice.
Here's a little peekaboo at two of the sheets =)
I made you all a fun little sampler pack of the activities in this pack!
Click the cover to grab.
Want the whole enchilada??
Click this cover to grab!
You can now grab Crazy About Reading{THE BUNDLE}!
It's growing so you can buy now and save oodles!
Click the cover to grab!
Thanks so much for reading!
I sincerely hope this product is a great compliment to your ELA time!
Linking up over at Five for Friday today!

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