It's the most wonderful time of the year!
And what a great way to celebrate by sharing in 
Holidays Around the World!

Welcome to Finland.
In Finland Christmas Eve is when people focus their celebrations.
Christmas Day is a more relaxed stay at home day. 
Finnish continue their celebrations into Boxing Day.
The Finnish call Santa Claus Joulupukki!
Lapland, Finland is believed to be where Santa actually lives!
They even have a theme park there.
Gonna have to add it to my travel list! 
I found this great treasure 
and they have them for many countries!
It's pretty high level for grade one, 
but the photographs are worth it!
And Jan Brett for the win on all other things 
Finnish and Nordic for Christmas!
She has great books in general, 
but her Christmas selection is spectacular!
These beautiful Finish stars are beautiful symbols of 
Finnish and Scandinavian traditions and holidays. 
Check out the directions for the beautiful Finnish stars here.
If you live in a cold weather climate you should for sure make 
these ice lanterns during your studies of Finland.
I make even need to make a few at my house!
Check out the super easy directions for these here
I hope you enjoy these printables to go along 
with your holidays arounds the world studies!
Your kiddies will have a blast coming up with 
smaller words from the Finnish word for Santa.
And here's a close read and comprehension page 
for Christmas in Finland too!
Grab your freebies HERE!
Like this close read?
Check out a whole bunch of close reads plus 
plays, poems, phonics, grammar and more in my 
Crazy About Reading packets!
You can grab monthly sets or save a bunch with 
Time to grab you Finland passport page!
Off to your next destination!

Tis' the season of craziness my friends!
Yup- it's Halloween.
But we can do this! 
It's all about keeping those little hands and bodies
busy all. week. long.
Coming at you are some fun and simple Halloween activities
to make your Halloween week a breeze!
This freebie is a hit every year!
I can't wait to do these with my class this week. 
Grab this freebie here!
More doubles practice!
I was at a conference this week 
and this craft was perfect for a sub!
You can grab this and a whole bunch of other goodies 
in Lucky to Be in First's Grab Bag Galore!

One can never go wrong with a directed drawing activity by First Grade Blue Skies!
Check out her adorable whole year of directed drawings here.
I love this awesome freebie I snagged
from my sweet friend Aimee at Primarily Speaking.
We took her cute ghost page, numbered them and
made them in a number line! Genius!
We always need number sense practice!!
We'll be making these cute 
Spookley the Square Pumpkins this week!
We paint paper orange. I give them some loose directions on making pumpkins, stems and curly leaves. Then I let them have free reign. Sometimes it's fun to let them just go for it and see what they create! They come out adorable!!
I love these trees!
I can't wait to make them in the next week or two!
The leaves are made by dipping q-tips into paint.
Click here to grab the prompt page!
I have some quick math activities to put in our math workshop bins next week!
 We will also be working on our plus 2s.
Halloween rings and erasers make life better, huh?
I like to have my kiddos record their work on simple whiteboard
 to save on paper and it makes them practice their number writing. 
I'm sneaky like that. 
Grab both of these FREEBIES here. =)
I made them in color and black/white for your copying needs.
Your class and mine will be sure to 
need to shake their wiggles out this week!
Check out this adorable Harry Kindergarten video!
Good luck my friends as we embark on Halloween together!

Fall is in full swing and maybe your planning could use a little perk up?!?
Well lucky for you some of your favorite TPT sellers have gotten together to bring you
You can score all these incredible goodies!
Ready to give it a go?
Here's what you need to do:

1. Visit each blog on the loop for directions to snag the Secret Word.
Make sure to follow each seller - we'll be checking before we sent out prize packs!
2. Write down each seller's Secret Word on the Cheat Sheet!
Haunted Hop Cheat Sheet
3. Submit all of the secret words on the Google Form
{and wait for the prize pack to be emailed to you!}
** Please note: because some of the sellers have secret words waiting for you on their TpT banner, you will need to visit their store using a computer, not a mobile device! **
Coming for the land of A Burst of First you'll be receiving
65 pages of reading materials to enhance your already awesome teaching!
Here's a sneak peek!
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Time for some Weekend Warriors goodness!
We are all about those crazy, tricky and kind of annoying sight words this month!
Sight words are like that person you have to invite to the party, but you really don't want to.
They are loud, picky and don't follow the rules!
I tamed these unruly houseguests last year with a little system called Fluency Flyers.
We fly through our sight word fluency in first grade like the superhero readers we are! 
Each student in my class gets a Fluency Flyers folder where they store their word lists. 
The lists all originate from the Dolch sight word lists.
Everyone starts with List 1 and moves along.
There are 15 lists in all.
As students complete a list they color in a number on their recording sheet.
This paper is the first page in their red folder.
The can also write their name under the word "SUPER".
They then become a superhero!
Super Tom! Super Kara! 

With each list in their folder students also take home words 
that they can cut into flashcards.
This promotes a strong home school connection.
In my classroom I assess the kiddos two times before 
they are allowed to move on to the next list. 
All the assessment goodies live in this bad boy. 
I put the line of the X going one way, 
then the second assessment the line goes the other way.
After this they get their next list! 
Ooooo.... and to be a bit tricky I assess them off the "Teacher List".
This has the same word, but in a different order.
Insert evil teacher laugh!

As students progress they get to put a superhero picture up on our
Fluency Flyers Hall of Fame!
If you want to give Fluency Flyers a go in your room click the cover!

We'd love you hear your great sight word ideas!!
Link on up!

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