My Primary Powers gals have gotten together to come up 
with some one word resolutions for 2015. 
Here's mine!
I often find myself juggling many many many hats each day.
I am a mom, teacher, wife, blogger, TPTer, chef, 
maid, valet, personal shopper and more!
I often feel like a chicken with it's head cut off.
My brain is always running through
 lists of things to do, things to remember,
 gifts to buy, sports to register for, bills to pay
and what we are out of detergent again? 

In 2015 I am going to do my very best to focus on what really matters to me.
1. Family
2. Health
3. Work
4. Grow my TpT shop
5. FUN!!! 

Wish me luck!
Join us over on Primary Powers to grab the image 
and link up with your one word!
Can't wait to hear your resolutions! 


  1. I was going to pick focus as my word. It's something I really need to work on. Here's to a great year!

    Swinging for Success

  2. Great word! I'm finding myself needing more and more focus everyday!

    Fishing for Education -

  3. Great minds think alike - focus is a perfect word/resolution! Happy New Year!

  4. A great choice, Deirdre! I could use more focus in my life. I said the same thing to Kat from Sprout Classrooms that I am currently NOT focused on my product... I'm here reading these great one word resolutions =) Ironic, right?!


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