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joined forces to create a dynamic duo.
We are sharing all of our best ideas on using GoNoodle.
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I am a hardcore noodler!
My class doesn't actually call it GoNoodle though. 
The kiddos have fondly named it "McPufferson".
McPufferson is our adorable little mascot!
You get to choose your mascot when you login.
We like to make it into a voting process in my classroom. 
What is so cool about your mascot with GoNoodle is
that the more brain breaks and videos you do with your class
the bigger and better your mascot gets!
Check out this guy!!

I love to use GoNoodle in my classroom to help 
kids get from one task to the next and be 
motivated to endure and use their best effort.
Oh, and to not talk too much also!
First grade is tough people...and they LOVE talking!!
Yet all I need to say is....
"Once we finish this our activity 
at our table we can do a McPufferson!"
Then those cute little fingers get going on the task at hand!
Magic I tell ya!

When we transition (which we do A LOT) I simply need to say 
"Let's get to the rug quietly and we can do a McPufferson!".
Then BOOM!- the kids are where we need to be, we rock out to 
Koo Koo Kangaroo or Just Dance 
for a few short minutes and then KAPOW! 
Their little brains are energized and we are ready 
to do some mega hardcore learning. 

Then comes possibly my most favorite part of the day....
walking in the hall
Ugh trying to herd 23 six year olds down the hall is not for the faint of heart let me tell ya!
Don't worry though!
I think you know the drill.
"Kids- If we make it back the the classroom quietly 
we will do a McPufferson before math!"
Boom. You've nailed it!
These little 2-3 minute videos are such 
great motivators for the kids self control. 
Take my word for it!
You must run, don't walk, to sign up for GoNoodle

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Welcome Back!
Day 2 here we come!
Here are a few more of my necessities for life and on the go!
Check out my friend Amy's Arbone page here!
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Visit here to check out all the styles =)!

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It's time for...
This post is all about the things I really "need" in my classroom!
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Tis' the season to be THANKFUL!
The wonderful girls at Primary Powers have gotten together to write and share what we are thankful for. We invite you to do the same and link up with us! Grab this button and the blank template at the end of this post. 

I had such a nice time reflecting on what I'm thankful for. And mind you...I am not a big reflector. I highly recommend doing this. It truly made me count my blessings! 

Lastly...THANK YOU for reading and following all my adventures here on the blog, on instagram and on Facebook. It is so appreciated. You don't even know!
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