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It's Weekend Warriors time!
The last weekend of each month my sweetest bloggy buds and I get together to share with you the best of the best of our ideas, tips and tricks. I feel like this month is so special because it is ORGANIZING OCTOBER. After 7 years in my first grade classroom  I have so many thing just the way I want them. And a few things that still have a ways to go! But, let's get down to the good stuff. 

First...Welcome to my classroom!
You can't see the front board or my table here, 
but you get the jist of the space.
A couple years back I went to tables and I will never look back! Although I would like real new tables. These I just scrounged up from around the building. Classic teacher style, right? Why won't they just give us new stuff? But moving on...I love the tables. And, yes my poor kids have chairs too. They are just stacked away because I took this pic after school.

But with the move to tables there were certainly 
some supplies issues to deal with. 
The big one being...
Two years into this table business 
and I've got it down to a science. 
On their tables they each have a "caddy" as I call it. 
There are three little sections inside. 
One for their nametag and crayon boxes, 
one for a pencil, scissors and glue and 
one for our tickets we earn. 
We use the Teeny Tiny Teacher's system this year. 
Like anything else we have 
to clean these caddy's out every once in awhile. 
You know at night erasers, extra pencils 
and paper bits jump in the caddies!
I bought the caddies at Target two years ago.
I know I have seen them since. 
Check the Dollar Spot on your weekly Target trip!
Where are all their books, notebooks, folders, etc you ask?
Introducing the Apple Boxes!
These bad boys hold everything else!
Thank goodness I have this extra long shelf to store them.
The boxes I got from Really Good Stuff. They hold up great, 
especially with a little packing tape reinforcement.
On the shelf below in the black bins
are marker boxes for each table.
The little drawers hold extra crayons and markers.
The blue bin has extra scissors.

Let's take a peek what's inside the Apple Box!
First up our yellow folder. Unique name, huh?!?
This is our math reference folder. It holds our 120 charts and all our Math Maniacs for quick math reference! It's an awesome tool for the kids to have this info right at their fingertips! We also have corresponding big Math Maniacs on our math focus board. 
Check out more about the Math Maniacs here!

Up next on the Apple Box tour is our aptly named red folder!
This is our Fluency Flyer Folder. 
Our Fluency Flyer folders are a series of Dolch sight word lists for the kiddos to practice and get rewarded for learning all those tricky sight words! Check out Fluency Flyers here

And the last of the folder series is our green folder. Inside here is the best. tool. ever. 
My blog bff Molly made these and we use them constantly. There are word lists as well as spaces for you to write words your kiddos need. I also have them  keep any writing they are working on in the pocket of this folder. 
My yellow, red and green folders are from Target.
I always get them at Back to School time! They are the best!

But wait, there's more! 
Our Apple Boxes also hold these wonderful treasures. 
Clockwise from the left we have our "colorful journal". 
I call it that because that pic of all the
pretty pencils makes me happy! 
Then we have our math journals from Lakeshore Learning. Our school math curriculum is weak to say the least. These are helpful in providing some structure and sanity to math time. 
Next up is our ELA and Math Notebooks. We write in these and we interactive notebook in these. They are a great little tool and a nice break from the traditional worksheet. 
And lastly is the wonderful B.A.T book, again by my friend Molly. This is for early finishers and an absolute lifesaver!! She has one for the whole year and has just started creating monthly ones
I am loving the monthly ones! Believe me you need this resource. 

So there you have it folks. 
The organization of all these materials makes me
all warm and fuzzy inside. 
Is that weird? If so then I'm happy to be weird!
We just started a Weekend Warriors Pinterest board!
Be sure to follow us there to keep up with all
the great ideas!

Now it's time to hop around and check out all 
these other fabulous gals as well!


  1. Wow! Your classroom is a such a colorful and organized place to work and learn! Thanks for sharing so many great ideas here!

    Creative Lesson Cafe

  2. I love me an organized classroom! Your classroom is beautiful! I love how everything has a place! It makes learning so much easier.

  3. You have done an excellent job of organizing the students' materials! I love it all! One of my friends switched to tables too and just loves it, too.

    Primarily Speaking

  4. I am super jealous of your tables. I want to make the switch but my district doesn't have enough extras lying around. I hope to one day though. I use to use book boxes just like that to hold student folders and such and loved it. With my new classroom I just don't have the room and I wish that I did.

    Saddle Up For 2nd Grade

  5. I've been thinking about switching to tables for the last two years, but we don't have any around...plus I'm afraid if I don't like them that someone will have snatched up my desks, which are pretty new haha. Your kids' materials are all so organized! It makes me so happy! Thanks for sharing! :)

    A Sunny Day in First Grade


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