Weekend Warriors- Organization on a Sunday

Welcome back to Day 2 of Weekend Warriors!
We are all about organization this month!!
 One of the biggest facelifts in my classroom this year was my library. It needed a pick me up so pick me up it got! I am a huge lover of the Daily Five whose main philosophy is in order to learn to read you need to spend a lot of time reading books. Genius, right?!? I really wanted to create a space that kids are excited to come into, cozy up and dive into a book. 
My library houses AR books by level, a variety of series, books by author, many different book themes (fairy tales, math books, animal books, etc) and seasonal books. I think I need a book intervention! Here's how they all fit into this cozy little space!

I'm in love love love with that Dr. Seuss alphabet on my closet doors. Dr. Seuss' ABC book is an all-time favorite of mine so I had to grab these. I picked mine up at Michaels. Grab your own here!

When students are done with a book in the library they return it here. 
I could have them return them to their correct spots, but I know even though they are labeled they'll end up a mess. I love these kids, but generally they don't appreciate the art of organization {wink}.
I will have a school assistant or a parent volunteer put the books away each day.
I have them clearly labeled so things don't get all muddled up!

And one final shot just because this space makes me happy!!

The labels I used in my library are from my shop.

If you need a label that you don't see here please contact me and I'll try to add it =)

Time to buzz around and see the other Weekend Warriors!


  1. Wow, your library system is amazing! I love the cozy reading area that you've organized and set aside for your students. Who wouldn't want to read on that fun carpet? Thank you for sharing your ideas with us, they are great!

    Primarily Speaking

  2. I LOVE your fun reading area! I bet your kiddos just love their reading time. Your labels are so colorful. Thank you for giving us the inspiration to add those and more to our cozy corners too!

    Creative Lesson Cafe

  3. What an adorable and cozy library area! I just want to come to your classroom and sit down and read. It's just so inviting! I just started having some stuffed animals to read with as a reward this year too - the kids LOVE it!

    First Grade Smiles

  4. Can you come and decorate my classroom? Your library looks amazing!!


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