Scoop Scoopy Doop!

I'm beating the Sunday blues with the Sunday Scoop this week!
What a fun linky with the Teaching Trio!
I also like to sing scoop to the tune of "Shoop" by Salt-n-Pepa.
How's that for randomness?'s the scoop with me!

I HAVE to prep some apple activities for this week. The leaves are a changing. I must admit that summer is gone and fall is here. Weep! I am so excited my amazing friend Aimee from Primarily Speaking has the perfect Apple Fun! unit that will make my planning a breeze! 

I HOPE to complete the three remaining seasons of Write Now! in the very near future and bundle them all up in a sweet deal for you! 

I use these with my class as morning work and then we share what we wrote in our small reading groups. It's much easier to listen in small groups of 6-7 than all 23 at once! Click here to check out Write Now! Fall Edition. Not sure what all the buzz is about? I have a freebie set for you here.

I am so HAPPY to share with you a set of Daily 5 Anchor Charts that I am so excited to look at in my room each day. I ordered them as posters and I already have them in my car ready to hang up first thing tomorrow morning. 
These anchor charts will guide my beautiful little Daily 5-ers the rest of the year! 
Grab them here!
ps...I used Best Value Copy for cheap poster printing!
Have a super week everyone!
Be sure to check out the Sunday Scoop linky!


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  2. I was just getting ready to print out your I-charts (which I LOVE) and noticed that for Listen to Reading it says "Write the whole time" instead of "Listen the whole time" =)

    1. Thank you!! I'm so ready to get these printed!! =)

  3. I love the I-charts but it says the link no longer works. Is there anyway you can repost them?

  4. Are the Daily 5 posters still available?

  5. Would really love the daily five posters! The link does not work.

  6. Love your I charts! The one listen to reading, look at the why box, the word fun. Not sure if you saw that or can edit it! Thanks for a great product!

  7. I love the fonts you used in the titles (the ones that are colored in and the black, kind of cursive one)! Can you share what they are?


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