Boo!! It's Five for Friday 10/31

Boo to You!!
Happy Halloween! Is this day over yet? Honestly of all the holidays on the calendar this one is at the bottom of the bottom of my list. I've actually wished for a cold so I could stay
home and not have to deal. I'm sure I'll regret that wish when I really am sick. 

We did have a little fun with Halloween
as much as I'm a Scrooge about it. 
We worked on our Doubles Spiders this week!
Grab this freebie here!

To celebrate falling out of October
and into November I am having a sale! 
20% off in my shop through Sunday night! 
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Along with the sale I am also excited to introduce a new product.
Now I am not a huge centers person, but I was looking for some quick and easy ways to snazz up my word work area and my math workshop time. And so "Gettin' Clippy With It" was born. Yes that is a take off on "Gettin' Jiggy With It" by Will Smith. 
I love a good quirky title.

Don't they look so pretty here?
These are the 5 math sets.

You can also make these cards self-correcting.
Just put a little Sharpie dot behind the
correct answer for the kids to check there work. 
Of course read them the riot act about
cheating before you tell them this! Ha!

Lastly, I just love this little project my almost 5 year old came home with! I am going to put this in my back pocket of fun and easy classroom ideas!
Just a plate, some yarn and a plastic spider!
Boom! Craft! Done!
Oooo and see my pretty little nails.
Those are my Jamberry nail wraps.
Jamberry are super fun nail stickers that you apply with heat from a dryer or rice bag, 
They are way cuter than polish and last for up to two weeks, 
Although I always want to change them out sooner because there are so many fun styles. 
I am on the search for a few fall hostesses! The Jamberry parties are all on Facebook. It is so so easy. No cooking, no don't even have to wear a bra. Just wear your jams around town to get people excited and then invite them to your Facebook event. Then you earn tons of free jams! Email me if you are interested 
I would love to work with you!
Oh, and if you book a party you get a prize too !

Trick or treat over to Doodlebugs to check out all 
the other Five For Friday treats out there in blogland!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!
We set our clocks back here!! 
One more hour of sleep on Saturday night....zzzz


  1. How fun are those doubles spiders? So cute! Thank you for sharing! I'm with you on the whole Halloween thing. Costumes at school are not a good idea...ever. I will be thinking good thoughts for you!

    Primarily Speaking

  2. We did your double spiders this week! The kids had so much fun making them!!! I love that little plate spider web!

    Enjoy the weekend!
    A Sunny Day in First Grade

  3. We don't celebrate Halloween at school, so I don't have to deal with as much craziness as if we did, although the kids are totally not fooled into thinking it isn't Halloween! So it is still a bit crazy... so glad it was on a Friday!
    I love your title for your clip centers - ha!! That is so creative and fun. Catchy too, people will remember it!
    Isn't Jamberry fun? I need to redo my nails - I have a bunch of wraps I ordered at a party awhile back and need to use them!


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