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It's the weekend! It's the weekend! Woohoo! It's all Disney Junior and lounging around at my house this morning! I should probably feed these children eventually. I thought I'd squeeze a quick post of the things we've been up to in first grade your way! I have some catching up to do on all we've done because I was practically immobile my first couple weeks!

This year our school did the most adorable thing! They send every student home for the summer with a book. All the incoming students to grade one received the same book- 
Mo Willems My Friend is Sad

Who doesn't love Elephant & Piggie. My class was so excited to read this book together and on their own. It was also a great way to start those friendship conversations in the first days of school.
We made these adorable Elephant & Piggie puppets to celebrate the book. I found this template online here, but it had no download. So I traced in using my projector and turned it into a pdf for you! Grab it here!

We worked a lot in our first weeks on name writing. We used these fun interactive readers that the students wrote their names into and illustrated the pictures with themselves in it. We talked a lot about how to make real people too! I think they did an awesome job for early first graders!

We also focused a lot on friendship and making friends in our first days together. We did several getting to know you activities. Check out the pic to see what we did. 
We also worked really hard on some "Listen and Do" activities. These are great not only on the first days, but all year! You can check out the readers, friendship and listening activities in my
Forget to mention there is a class book and some fun printables in there too!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
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  1. Thanks! This is so cute! Can't wait to use it. The kids are going to love it!

  2. My daughter, who is a first grader, says she "loves your blog". She is a fan of Elephant and Piggie, you see. Your name activities are really creative. Have a great week!
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  3. Hi Deirdre! Can I email you somewhere?



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