It's the weekend! It's the weekend! Woohoo! It's all Disney Junior and lounging around at my house this morning! I should probably feed these children eventually. I thought I'd squeeze a quick post of the things we've been up to in first grade your way! I have some catching up to do on all we've done because I was practically immobile my first couple weeks!

This year our school did the most adorable thing! They send every student home for the summer with a book. All the incoming students to grade one received the same book- 
Mo Willems My Friend is Sad

Who doesn't love Elephant & Piggie. My class was so excited to read this book together and on their own. It was also a great way to start those friendship conversations in the first days of school.
We made these adorable Elephant & Piggie puppets to celebrate the book. I found this template online here, but it had no download. So I traced in using my projector and turned it into a pdf for you! Grab it here!

We worked a lot in our first weeks on name writing. We used these fun interactive readers that the students wrote their names into and illustrated the pictures with themselves in it. We talked a lot about how to make real people too! I think they did an awesome job for early first graders!

We also focused a lot on friendship and making friends in our first days together. We did several getting to know you activities. Check out the pic to see what we did. 
We also worked really hard on some "Listen and Do" activities. These are great not only on the first days, but all year! You can check out the readers, friendship and listening activities in my
Forget to mention there is a class book and some fun printables in there too!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
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on this early Saturday morning.

We started Word Work yesterday.
It was a hit! I love when all the choices are so new and exciting!
We use whiteboards, sand, stencils, old typewriters, 
stamps, magnets and play dough.
What are some activities and materials you use for Word Work?
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Hey Everyone!
The last time I blogged was in August?!?
What? That is pitiful. I apologize from the
bippity bottom of my heart. 
The back to school adjustment has been a bit hard.
Not super hard like crying kids or anything.
Just once I get home I "physically can't do anything" kind of tired.
And well then I have three little kids who still need to be fed, lunches made, folders checked and can you believe it they need to be clean and have clean clothes too!
Good thing they are cute!
So this little blog had to take a backseat. So sorry!
But, I do have lots of good stuff to blog about
in the very near future!
So don't give up on me just yet.

I also wasn't bloggin' a ton because I was
working making stuff for my classroom!
All kinds of stuff...
 library labels, class decor, birthday displays, back to school stuff and more!
I also was working on make classroom products
to better my teaching.
This teaching stuff is a never-ending  journey, huh?

To be honest, writing has always been a weaker aspect of my teaching. So I wanted to implement some solid writing routines for my kiddos this year.
I made a writing packet for them to complete each week called WRITE NOW!
Get it? they need to write right now!
Witty, I know!
The packet includes 5 different types of prompts that respond to what the Common Core asks us to have our students write.
Here's a little peek of the various prompts in the
WRITE NOW! packet.
You can create packets with all of one kind of prompt or mix-n-match!

15 draw and write prompts

15 personal narrative prompts

15 opinion writing prompts

15 how to prompts

15 informational prompts

8 covers

But, wait everything you see here is actually a freebie! 
Yup, that's right you get your first WRITE NOW! packet for nada!
Click the cover to grab!

Love the freebie and want to use WRITE NOW! all season?
Grab the Fall Edition.
Don't fret Winter, Spring and Summer are coming soon!

Oh, and there are assessments, free writing and what I did this weekend writing options too!
Head here to check it out!
I am so excited to mix-n-match the packets each week as we
introduce various kids of writing.
I also just like to say mix-n-match!

One more little thing...
The rule in my classroom is your WRITE NOW! packet must be completed in your personal best work in order to participate in Free Fun Friday! That's my little incentive to be sure everyone is on task and working their hardest.

Thanks for visiting!
See you around the school yard!

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