Weekend Warriors Day 2- Whole Brain Teaching

The butterflies have settled firmly into my stomach. Tuesday morning is just about 48 hours away and I have that constant feeling like I may throw up at any moment between now and then. I think you all know what I am talking about! It's not so much the kids I'm worried about. It's all the stuff that must be accomplished in those first days. All the stuff that I have some how completely forgotten about since September 2013! My brain was so cluttered with all this "stuff" that it took me a bit to wrap my head around a Weekend Warrior post. Then I got down to the basics...Like what is the first thing I will teach in the first moments on the first day?!? And this little post was born!
One of the very first things I always teach is from Whole Brain Teaching. I am by no mean at WBT guru, but I use quite a bit of it in my class and it WORKS! Like for real!
I have to teach "Class? Yes!" from WBT right out of the gate! It's a simple concept. You say "Class?" and they return with "Yes!".

I love to do it a million ways.
Class? Yes!
Class? Class? Class? Yes! Yes! Yes!
Class? Class? Classity Class? Yes! Yes! Yessity Yes!
Class my Class? Yes my Yes!
Class to the Class? Yes to the Yes! 
Oh Class? Oh Yes!

It is such an effective way to get everyone's attention in 2 seconds. WBT has you follow "Class? Yes!" with another call and response. I then say "Hands and Eyes?" and the kids repeat "Hands and Eyes!". I then know I have everyone's attention and we can move on with the wisdom I am about to impart! 

I made a fun little visual for our first days together!

The first I ever heard of WBT was from this video. 
This girl is just magical! I want to be a first grader in her class!

Here's a great first day of first grade video from Mrs. Shipley!
She rocks at WBT!

Want to learn more about Whole Brain Teaching?
Visit the official website here!

Time to visit my amazing Weekend Warrior friends!


  1. I love using some of the whole brain teaching concepts. Thanks for sharing your freebie. Have fun on Tuesday!

    Fantastic First Grade Froggies

  2. Thank you!!! I just started using some of the techniques towards the end of last schoool year when I first heard about it and I loved it!!!

  3. One of my teammates does a lot with WBT and I plan on trying it this year! Thanks for the cute little freebie! :)

    A Sunny Day in First Grade


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