Show Us What You Bought!

I love a good sale!
And the TpT sale was no joke people!!
This is my most favorite part the school year!!
I love the shopping, the set-up, the planning! 
My class is still perfect in my mind....

I've joined those Blog Hoppin' gals' linky to share with you my haul!

First up I bought two awesome products from the sweetest gal ever! If you don't follow Melissa at First Grade Smiles you are missing out! She's so sweet and her products are awesome. 
I've had her Meaningful Math in my cart for awhile now. With the new school year approaching I know my math routine needs some bettering! Meaningful Math Is going to help with this in so many ways. I love her "Number of the Day" pages because they are engaging without be too overwhelming to students. There are a variety of choices to help differentiate! 
Click the cover to check it out!

I also snagged Melissa's Phonics "Phriends" 
She had me at "friends". So cute! I'm a sucker for stuff like that.
You all know how much I love love love phonics.
I could not resist this adorable product.
She made a little family out of the short vowels!!
How fun is that?

I also was sure to snag Write On! Fall Edition by Aimee over at Primarily Speaking. I used her Write On! Spring Edition earlier this year and LOVED it! It is an amazing product. She covers the three kinds of writing for each month. There are organizers, published work papers, crafts and more! She makes my least favorite thing to teach a real no brainer! 

And of course there was a ridiculous amount of clipart purchased as well. I may single handedly be keeping Educlips in business! 


  1. No YOU are the sweetest!! Thank you so much for the kind words. I hope your kids love both packs!!

    First Grade Smiles

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  3. You and me both, girl, with keeping Educlips afloat! They should just direct deposit some of my paycheck into her account LOL! :)

  4. Hi Deirdre! I'm trying to organize a MA blogger link up- are you interested?? Fill out the google form with your thoughts if you are! :)

    Caffeine and Lesson Plans


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