Weekend Warriors July- Day 1

Welcome to a steamy July Weekend Warriors!
My bloggy friends and I are coming at you with some tips and tricks to help you 
out in blogging, TpT, social media and teaching! I'm here for you today with my absolute favorite tip I learned last summer.  When I started this journey I was fairly oblivious about everything.
I made a really close friend named Google. Ever heard of him? Through this Google and bothering my bloggy pals I figured out loads of ins and outs. My favorite ever tip I learned from my pal Molly and I must share it with you!I love blogs with lots of pictures and eye candy! Learning how to put a picture from the internet into Blogger was life changing! 
Check this out people. 

Seriously so easy and saves oodles of time.
Now you must go visit my other lovely blogging pals!


  1. Wow! You've got to be kidding me??!!!! I have been doing it the hard way - copy the image then link the address. You just made my day!!!!!

    Dare to be Different-Teach!

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    2. Yea I've been doing it like that too and I am soooo grateful for this tip!

  2. I (Heart) you! I have had to go thru so many gi-raa-tions to get an image into my blog that I usually just give up. I know that many people are more visual, like me, and that eye candy is important. I am loving this blog hop..Best ever!! Thanks for sharing.
    First Grade by the Sea

  3. woah! I definitely didn't know that. Thanks for sharing!!

    Dirty Hands & Lesson Plans

  4. I can't believe I did not know this - all this time I have been saving the picture and then inserting - thank you for sharing!!!


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