Summer Lovin' Happened So Fast

Welcome to the dog days of summer everyone!
This is for certain my favorite time of year.
And to celebrate the long lazy days, sunsets and the fact that my kids go to camp in a week my amazing blog friends and I are having a 4 day sale!! Each day now through Wednesday each of us will have one (or more) items on sale. As much as I am basking in the delight of summer I know what's peeking around the corner. I keep telling it to go away, but he keeps laughing with his sharpened pencils and brand new backpack. Oh "Back to School" stop torturing me!!
My sale today is math-tastic.

In grade one this year we had loads of fun with a little group of friends I like to call 
These Math {K}oncept Kids are here to visually aid your students to comprehend all the math concepts their little minds are supposed to hold. There are 18 visual anchor posters in this pack to help your students with everything from Addition to Odd/Even to Place Value to Money!
Let me introduce you to some of The Maniacs! 
This is Sam Subtraction...He thinks subtracting is super cool.

Meet Even Steven...Not only does he explain evens, but he tells kids how 
to figure even and odd out in a 2 digit number!

And this is Miss Tara Tally Marks! She's explains talky marks in an
awesome way for kids to understand. 

Hey there Matty Money! Matty has plenty of friends in the pack that explain
all the coins and dollar too =)

 This is just a spattering of these kiddos! There are loads more friends. 

But that's not all! I feel like an infomercial when I say that!
There are also reference pages to include in your math folders or binders.
I got these nifty folders from Target that have three prongs so you can
 include a few page protector sheets right inside the folder. Score!

120 Chart (100 is so two years ago!)

Written numbers & count by support in 2s, 5s, 10s and 25s.

And looky loo mini MANIACS for your students to use in small groups,
independent work, centers, stations and more!

Here's a sneak preview!!
They are 20% off today only!! 

Time now to visit my sweet blogging friends and see the amazing stuff they have on sale!!

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