Summer Dreams Ripped at the Seams

The Summer Lovin' sale continues on!!
I meant to write this post this morning, but my alarm never went off. Whoops! I then got up at the delightful hour of 9:30!! Then we spent the day at the fair and I am exhausted!
Needless to say this will be short and sweet. 
 Between Facebook and Instagram I am seeing all kinds of Back to School posts. It's a little torture for me because I have another month plus of summer and I don't want to think about BTS!! But I bet some of you are needing to face the facts and I have just the products on sale for you to get things underway for a brand spankin' new school year.

There are two pages for every short vowel family.

You can also get ready to know right where your kids are in math with my "Common Core Quickies". I'm going to let a picture say a thousand words with these and also let you read more about them here.

Visit the Common Core Quickies in my TpT shop here.

Finally...It's scavenger hunt time!
There's a product in my shop that I use almost everyday in my room!
I placed it on sale for $1.00!!
Head over to TpT to find out which product it is =)
Or read more about it here
hint: It's in my 4 featured products at the top. 

Now it's time to visit my lovely blogging friends!!

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  1. I love you Common Core Quickies! I used it ALL last year! Thanks so much for making my Math standards easy to assess!!

    Lucky to Be in First


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