Howdy Folks!!
Welcome to Weekend Warriors Day 2!
Today is all about making a great pin in Pinterest. 
I was so lucky to attend the TpT conference in Vegas earlier this month!
One of the great tips I learned was from Mel D. at Seusstastic
Creating a longer attractive pin is sheer awesomeness.
Here's how you do it!
Powerpoint will want you to do a more standard size. Ignore it and just click "ok".
 Then you'll make your slide using pictures of your product or activity that you 
want to tell people about. Here's the one I made about my Math Maniacs.
Once you've made one you like head on over to Pinterest.

And Huzzah!
Your adorable pin is now all linked up to your site!!
This is a great way to attract people to your  TpT site or blog.

Time to visit the other wonderful Weekend Warriors!!

Welcome to a steamy July Weekend Warriors!
My bloggy friends and I are coming at you with some tips and tricks to help you 
out in blogging, TpT, social media and teaching! I'm here for you today with my absolute favorite tip I learned last summer.  When I started this journey I was fairly oblivious about everything.
I made a really close friend named Google. Ever heard of him? Through this Google and bothering my bloggy pals I figured out loads of ins and outs. My favorite ever tip I learned from my pal Molly and I must share it with you!I love blogs with lots of pictures and eye candy! Learning how to put a picture from the internet into Blogger was life changing! 
Check this out people. 

Seriously so easy and saves oodles of time.
Now you must go visit my other lovely blogging pals!

The Summer Lovin' continues on!
There's are several products up for grabs today.
Be sure to read through to the end for a BIG announcement!

Today is all about phonics! I love me some phonics!! It is the foundation of all things reading and writing. I created several sets of PHONICS PRINTABLES to allow my students to practice these oh so important skills. One of the main thoughts I had in making these was giving my students the chance to do them independently. They hit the Foundational Skills standards of the CCSS, but aren't over the kiddos heads. These are great for early in the year or right when you introduce these new concepts. In my three different sets of Phonics Printables you'll find 5 practice pages per phoneme plus 5 mixed practice pages. You will also get Bingo, a real word/nonsense word game called "Word Wizard"  and a "I have. Who has?" game.

Fun and engaging right?!?
You can grab these first 5 short a pages as a freebie in my TpT shop!
Click the cover or head here

You can grab each set for today only at 20% off!! 
Click each cover or preview to check them out in my shop =)
Be sure to read to the end for BIG NEWS!

Can you just not decide which one you need?
Well lucky you...I bundled the Phonics Printables!!
All 3 sets together are $18! 
That's $1 off each set for you mathematicians!
And a vowel teams set will be coming later this year for sure. 
So you'll get that one practically for free!
Click the cover to snag Phonics Printables {THE BUNDLE}!

Before I go- Here's another fun freebie for you 
as you enjoy these summer days and 
hopefully aren't heading back too soon!
Click the cover to grab =)

Now check out the super sales my gal pals are having!

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