Weekend Warriors- Reading Nook

It's Day 2 of Weekend Warriors! Welcome Back! If you are new to WW here's what we are all about.
My second Weekend Warriors project this month is to cozy up my reading area in my classroom. 
My kids love to sit on the little rug there and just have someplace different to read. 
It was getting a little over crowded so I really want to snazz up the space and extend it out a bit. That rolly cart thing-a-ma-jig in the back there got the old heave ho. I had intentions to spray paint it and I never did. So off it went. 

This space is going to be a summer long project. But of course when I need ideas I always head over to Pinterest. Seriously...What did we do before Pinterest existed? How did we get ideas? I shutter at the thought that it used to not be around and we had to come up with original thoughts. Eek! 
I made myself a little class library board and let the pinning begin. 
I love this library by Reagan Tunstall. Although pillows for the kids boags me out a little. Hello head lice! Those chairs and ottoman are to die for though. Heck! I even want to sit in them. 
This space is amazing! I spy some IKEA benches up in there. 
I am for sure adding one of those to my library in the fall! 
I actually own this sign already. I think it dates back to the Christmas Tree Shop 2007ish. It's vintage. It's collecting dust up high at my house. Maybe it needs to move to my classroom. 
Could this space be any cuter? And a chalkboard table?!? We have an old coffee table in our basement that also might be getting walking papers to my classroom as a chalkboard table. Read more about this space here
I think this idea might be the cutest ever!! I don't think I have the wall space to pull it off, but it is so adorable. The kids would absolutely love it as well!
I've already purchased R-E-A-D for my room! I can't wait to spray them and hang them up for the new crop in the fall. Read how this teacher modge podged these here
I have been saving book covers for ages. The kids are so rough on them! This banner is adorable. I have two closet doors near my library that I am going to fill with these sweet covers.  
Read how Kinder-Craze made this banner here
Hopefully come fall my new and improved class library will be pin worthy as well! 
Looking for more Pinterest ideas? Follow me! I have loads of ideas you'll never have the time for =)
Now pop around and check out the inspiration my friends are dishing out!


  1. How adorable is that book nook? C'mon!!!

    Lucky to Be in First

  2. How cute are these??? I love the filing cabinet one. Your space looks great!!! I'm so jealous you have the space for that!

    Saddle Up For 2nd Grade

  3. I love the book cover banner! So simple and adorable!

  4. Oh my goodness! You have a picture of my classroom with my polka dot chairs and chalkboard table. Thanks for the love!!!!!

    Amanda Bryant
    A Traveled Teacher

  5. The kids are so rough on them! This banner is adorable. I have two closet doors near my library that I am going to fill with these sweet covers.
    Read how Kinder-Craze made this banner here.
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  6. The photo with the filing cabinets and curtains in the cozy corner was from my prek classroom. My name is Jessie Childress and I am a prek teacher. I thought you may want to site the source.

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