Currently June

You are finally here!
So so nice to see you again!
Linking up today with Farley 
for the monthly CURRENTLY.
I love Pandora.
This year I've started putting it on during my prep period
to pretend I wasn't really at work. It sure does take the edge off.
My hairdresser just told me two awesome stations...
Bubblegum and Roadtripping
I am loving that it is 70 out now!!
This is my kind of weather!
17 more days!
This is good and bad.
Bad because I'm here for another 17 days, 
but good because I have 17 days worth
of work to finish.
I need Mary Poppins to come and snap her fingers
in my house and classroom. 
Why does everything seem to blow up 
this time of year?
I need summer to be an additional month
this year. Who can make that happen for me?
I have so so so much to do.
*summer bucket list*
I have the CRAZIEST summer ever.
Here's the lowdown...
1. my brother & his fiancé's duel bachelor/bachelorette party run by yours truly
2.Vegas to meet all my bloggin' pals
3. my daughter's 3rd birthday
4. Storyland in NH with our good friends
5. NYC trip because my aunt is getting special dance teacher of the year award
6. run a 5k
7. my brother's wedding
8. my cousin's wedding
Oh, and I want to go to the beach A LOT too!!
Lots to do, but lots of fun too!

Also, I need to tackle my house project list and tpt project list.
Good thing ALL the kiddos are heading to camp 
for a couple weeks this summer. 
This will be the first time in 7 years all my children 
can be involved in something for a few hours 
and I will be home alone. I am so excited for that!


  1. What a fun bucket list! My daughter turns 16 this summer. Enjoy your little girl, while she is little :) Do you have a 5k race in mind?

  2. I know what you mean about getting a clean, organized house. All my school things are taking my house over until I can bring them back. Hope your last 17 days go by fast, but are productive!

    Ms. Julie aka Southern Teacher

  3. Having a clean and organized home! You and me, sister! We are in the same boat! I often wish for "I Dream of Jeannie" to come help me scrub the grime out of my house!
    Second Grade Signpost

  4. Yes, who can we petition about a month more of summer? I feel we need it. My messy house needs it. Badly.
    Rowdy in First Grade


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