A Camping We Will Go!

So sorry this blog has been so horribly neglected.
I've been on a camping adventure and time has eluted me. Well...I haven't been on a real camping adventure. I've been on a delightful classroom camping adventure! The kiddos and I have been enjoyed a fun thematic end of first grade with activities that keep them engaged and having fun.
We have been trying really hard to stick to the regular 'ole routine in grade one. As much as I'd love to kick my feet up this time of year I know I must keep them as busy as possible.
Busier than I've ever kept them really!
If not it just gets ugly...you all know!
Strap on your backpacks and grab a flashlight to see what we did in Room 12!

 I'm am not generally a big "centers" person during the year. I find them a bit time consuming. I LOVE me some Daily 5 and try to avoid too much laminating/card cutting. But, as those cute little first graders progress they can handle this with such ease at the point in the game. So centers we did!

 We had a couple of "movin' and groovin'" centers as I like to call them. I tape the cards up around the room. The kids gather the info and fill it in on their recording sheet, then they have to fill in the missing information of the recording sheet. 

 Oh and of course there was crafting!!

In the spirit of keeping the kids busy this activity was a fan favorite. They cut out, fold and tape a little rectangle with a flashlight on one side and a lantern on the other. They then drop and graph the rectangle. The dropping of the little piece of paper is similar to giving them gold! 

The class had a great time making their own camp brochures. We brainstormed ideas for camp names and then they worked like little bees on their adorable camps. The camp songs are my favorite. I may have even performed several (or all) of them of them to the class. 

We did several of these "Listen, Do, Cut and Glue" activities. 
The kids are practicing important skills and don't even know it!
I love tricking them into working hard...insert evil laugh!

We ended our camping unit with "S'more Fun!!" This doubles as our end of the year celebration as well. Two birds, one stone- I like it! In the past I've made real s'mores in the classroom with the kids, but that sterno gives me heart palpitations. So a friend suggested s'more trail mix. Great idea and so easy! You don't even need to write down this recipe- Golden Grahams, mini marshmallows, chocolate chips. That's it!! The kids LOVED it! I swear you could give them plain bread and they'd be psyched to just eat. Of course, I had to make them sing for their supper and they had to fill in a little recording sheet. Which is a freebie to you! Click here to grab. We had some delicious fruit kabobs as well =)

Everything you see in this post is in my brandy new
Happy Campers Unit
This unit is jam-packed...just read that cover!
And I didn't even chat about the
research project yet {next week}!

That was way more than 5 this Friday!
Head over to Doodlebugs to see what other fab teachers have been doing. 


  1. adorable! I bet the kids had so much fun!!!

  2. The maths ideas look great! Thanks for sharing!
    Growing Little Learners

  3. So cute!! I love the crafts. Looks like a lot of fun!

    First Grade Garden

  4. Love this idea. It may be too late, but I have a freebie on my blog that would go right along with your camping experience. Go to http://2ndinline.blogspot.com/2014/05/end-of-year-gift.html to see the idea.
    Second In Line

  5. Totally using your s'more graph this week in Summer School - love that idea! I can't wait to squirrel this unit away for next year {get it?!} So glad I grabbed it while it was on sale :)

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