Weekend Warriors- Place Value Board

It's here!
We are a group of blog friends who wanted
to provide you with some amazing 
ideas, tips and tricks for the classroom.
We will be coming at you the last weekend of each month
with some great ideas all under a theme.
You know us teachers love themes!'
You'll get not one, but two days of awesome ideas1
Welcome to Mathmatical May!

Who loves getting things ready for next year about now?
Me! Me! Me!
I've done just about everything I can with this group.
Time to get ready for the next.
I saw this idea eons ago and have been meaning
to put it together forever.
When Weekend Warriors came to be I knew
this would be first on my plate of a
great classroom idea.
Who has one of these in their room?
I've had one since I started and I have
never ever liked it.
It's ugly, the kids don't get it...time for it to go!
I'm not even sure I ever bought this.
I think it was inherited.
But I need something to practice our daily place value.
Welcome to my room beautiful new magnetic place value board.
So happy you could join us!
Oh, and you brought a friend.
Welcome Money Board!
Here's the super simple how-to.
I picked up this little whiteboard at
the almighty Target for cheap-ish.
I added two strips of washi tape.
This is my money board.
The place value board has two vertical strips.
I's like to take credit for actually matching my 
shoes and my washi, but it was purely coincidental!
Then I had a whole lotta fun with my glue gun and
ones, tens, hundreds and money.
I managed to come out of this project unscathed!
Not hot glue burns for this gal!
Glad I had some ones to spare {wink}.
Then, I used these little letter stickers from Michaels.
The letters look a little wonky.
I think they are going to bug me big time.
I was totally wishing I had a Cameo for this step!
Now I am all set to rock and roll for next year.
Actually I still have 23 days left....weep weep.
I can get a little practice with this year's crop before
the 2014-1025 school year.
I was in such a hot glue frenzy that I ended up
making a money board as well.
The Place Value Board is psyched to have a friend,
Don't they look happy together?

To kick off the start of the brand new
WEEKEND WARRIORS myself and all
my fellow warriors are giving away $10 to our
Teachers Pay Teachers shops!
These gals involved are amazing!
I feel so honored to be among some blog heroes here.
a Rafflecopter giveaway Don't forget WEEKEND WARRIORS
is a two day affair.
Come back tomorrow for some
great number sense practice!
Here''s a little June sneak peek....
Pinspirational June!
Now it is time skip on over to check out
my blogging WEEKEND WARRIOR friends!
We are all giving away $10 to our TpT shops!


  1. We track days by place value.

  2. We track days if school with place value blocks and use money to count the value if the date. All done by flipchart pages on my Promethean board!

  3. I don't really track days, I love this idea to do it though

  4. I love this - I received a bunch of dry erase boards for free..........I knew I kept them for a reason!

  5. Track on a hundreds chart! Actually 2...Wendy 1stgradefireworks 1stgradefireworks

  6. I track the number of days with a money chart(using the least amount of coins) place value pocket chart (with straws, and I glued velcro to each pocket and we use the units cubes) tally chart, and a chart with the number and we write the number before and after, the number word, if it's even or odd, and then we write it in expanded form.

  7. Your place value board is adorable! SO much better than those silly blue plastic pockets we all have. Off to Target I go!!!
    Bright Concepts 4 Teachers

  8. I track the days with circle stickers on a 10 frame and also an expanding number line I create with Post-It Notes and cash register tape. On some months, we track using coins.

  9. I LOVE these Ideas for place value boards! I know what I will be making this summer~

  10. I have off and on used that silly little pouch thing but stopped bundling straws long ago. I love your magnetic boards and am on my way to target! I have 12 days left and can't wait to try it out. I mean anything magnetic is fun...right! Thanks for all the great ideas.
    Pauline at First Grade by the Sea

  11. We basically use a place value board.

  12. I track using one of those ugly little pocket chart thingies like you had. I am going to make a place value one like yours this summer- great idea! Carol

  13. Diggin' the shoes and the matching washi tape. Oh, and of course I love the place value idea, too!

  14. We keep track with base ten blocks.

  15. I use a place value board with Cuisenaire Rods similar to your board. I like the idea of using magnets! That would make it so much easier to use! Great idea!

  16. We use a giant number chart that came with our Math Expressions program.

  17. We track with a hundreds grid pocket chart

  18. Sadly, in second grade, I start off with a place value board and then usually abandon it. And then in January I have to go ask a first grade teacher when the 100th day of school is! (They always know!)

  19. I agree with you about those silly pockets. They colors are always terrible and it's so hard to use them. I usually use "coffee straws" (the super skinny ones) and we bundle them as needed. I am loving your place value board instead!

    Primarily Speaking

  20. We only track until the 100th day using our calendar! Love your idea!

  21. This is great! I use a pocket chart like you have had! I don't like mine either....thanks for the cute idea!

  22. We do all kinds of things with our "number of the day." ---Money, tally marks, place value, and sometimes we think about ways to get this number (addition, subtraction).

  23. Always looking for more ideas to go along with calendar and number of the day. Thanks for a great idea! Pinning this for later :)

    First Grade Smiles

  24. We use paper tens frames/chart. Every day we add a dot sticker to our paper ten frames so by the end of the year we have 180 dots all in the correct place value. BUT I really like your idea...I am adding it to my calendar board. Thank you for sharing!!

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Love this idea! Heading out later to get washi tape and magnets. Thanks!
      We use our Rise & Shine binders (see Reagan Tunstall's TPT store) ten frames, and making the number with sticks.

  26. We have a giant number line around the roof line. Not to fun. I'm using your idea next year. Thanks!

  27. We have a giant number line around the roof line. Not too fun. I'm using your idea next year. Thanks!

  28. I SUPER LOVE your place value board (money board too!)!!!!! I have the dreaded hundreds/tens/ones straw counter thing, and I use it, but I'm not happy about it! I am SO making this for next year!

    Angela :)
    Hippo Hooray for Second Grade!

  29. I use a place value board with the hundreds, tens, ones base ten blocks... jenbrett mrs.steinachers.class@gmail.com


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