Sunday Funday 5/4

First off today...
Well done to all you moms out there.
You are doing a great job.
My mom mantra is...
Just keep swimming!
Amen to this!
But seriously I have an amazing mom!
She will be cooking dinner on Mother's Day 
for my dad and brothers.
What the what? She is too nice.
I live 2 hours away from her so we will be 
celebrating at a fancy dinner alone with 
no one else next week.
Now that's a good time!

Let's get on to the SUNDAY FUNDAY business!
Molly created an awesome slide for you to
pop pictures and text into for a quick & easy post.
 My week was good. A little crazy, but good!
I loved being "just a mom" this week and joining
my son's class on a beach field trip.
It felt so weird to not be in charge of everyone.
A very good weird!!
We've also been able to spend about 100%
more time outside this week.
Fresh air is simply amazing.
Especially coming off the endless winter!
That's my fun folks!

Now grab your slide and link right up!
Don'f forget to leave some love
for at least 2 fellow bloggers!
Hope the day is delightful for all the moms!

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