Playing Baseball on Mother's Day

That's a kooky title, huh?
Well that's what we worked on in grade one this week.
We slid into our baseball unit and 
logged some serious time celebrating moms.
I'm not a huge "theme" teacher.
But, as we hit the stride of spring, 
I feel like the kids can handle so much more.
So we start more thematic work by Playing Ball!!
I was actually a bit shocked this year by the 
lack of kids in my class that play organized baseball. 
But, once we read and chatted about it 
they were all psyched for this American pastime. 
Here's some of the fun we had!
Starting from the top corner and going clockwise
here is what we did. 
We came up with our own teams. The kiddos had
to use an adjective to describe their mascot. 
They then created their own teams hats and jerseys (front and back).
We did a little "Left Field Label It!", 
"Major League Measurement", "Fastball Facts" and
"Curveball Color by Word".
That bottom right corner is our display of teams. 
We had a lot of horse and ninja teams this year!
You can grab these activities in my
Play Ball! A Homerun Math & Literacy Unit.
Thank goodness baseball season lasts forever!
You can use this unit April-October =)
click the cover to check it out

Of course we prepared for all things mom this week, too.
My class is great, but let's just says they'd make a lot 
of money if they were paid by the hour. 
It took us a lot of Thursday and Friday to 
complete some adorableness for 
the moms and special ladies out there.
We got our craft on big time with the SPAcial mom
created by those genius gals Christy and Tammy at
We also made paper flower wreaths for our moms
and put our little school picture on there.

And of course we wrote too!
We did some awesome creative writing.
I had the kids imagine that their mom 
went on an adventure while they were at school.
Here are a few of my favorites!
Top to Bottom
My mom will slay a dragon.
My mom will go on the Titanic.
My mom will dive to the bottom of the ocean.
Such fun!
You can grab the wreaths, writing and more
Mother's Day goodies in my 
Mother's Day Common Core Goodies Galore.
I'm of course linking up to
the always fabulous 
Five for Friday today.

I have happy news for you to make your SUNDAY FUNDAY
so much easier.
Molly and I are busy gals and we know you
are super busy too.
We are sure you are squeezing in a little
bit of fun during the week and 
we know you want to share it.
Molly graciously designed this adorable slide for you
to copy, slide into powerpoint, add a few pictures and/or text 
and pop on your blog in a quick little post. 
What do we say class?
"Thank you Molly"
 Hope to see you back here tomorrow
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You can share any and all things fun!

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