Welcome back to Day 2 of Weekend Warriors!
So glad you all returned.
Here's the little rundown of what we are all about.
Today's math mania is all about number sense.
We entered that portion of first grade where my
students' brains are ever so slowly shutting off.
The sun is shining, plants are blooming and 
beach days are so close we can taste them!
School is less and less on my kiddos brains and
perhaps their teacher as well {wink}.
We did a random just keep them a little busy
worksheet the other day and
I had the opposite of an "aha moment".
I had and "uh oh moment"!
These kiddos needed some number sense practice and fast!
I created these little number cards 
and laminated them super quick 
because we had to turn those brains on full blast.
I also knew I needed keep these kids moving.
Sitting around doing pencil and paper
was not an option!
So we moved and grooved with our number sense practice. 
I gave every student 2 number cards.
I then set out 5 baskets with cards above
them labeled 1-20, 21-50, 51-75, 75-100, 101-120.
The kiddos came up by table and 
placed their cards in the correct section.
Then I assigned each table to a bin and they had to 
order the cards in their bin from greatest to least. 
Obviously there were gaps in the numbers 
because there are 120 cards and only 21 kiddos.
This was great practice for them!
 They did a great job!
After this we did a second activity where
everyone got two cards and there were 
only two bins up in the front- 
one for odd and one for even.
I was smitten as we were doing this to see a lot of kids
stop here to check their work with 
"Even Steven" and "Odd Todd". 
You can check out these guys and their friends 
"The Math Maniacs"here and here.
We then checked them as a group. If the answer
was correct the stayed standing and if the answer
was incorrect they had to sit.
Sorry I don't have pics for this part.
There are many other ways you can
use these cards as well to get your kids
up and moving with math.
Here are some ideas...
  • Hand out cards in sets of three & they have to find their before and after friend
  • Hand out cards in sets on 10 more or 10 less & they have to find the friend that goes with their card
  • Give each student a card, put them in small groups and have them order themselves from least to greatest or greatest to least
  • Have students pick a number and write a riddle about it
  • Have students pick a number and give clues to their friend about their number
These make a great little math warm-up
or a fun activity when you have the dreaded
10 minutes to fill and nothing to do.
They are also great for when their eyes
start to glass over.
Grab your own set of number cards here.
The possibilities are endless!

If you didn't stop by yesterday be sure
to check out that post for a 
place value/days of the year idea.
My super sweet bloggy friends have
all written some superb posts all well!
Check them out!
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It's here!
We are a group of blog friends who wanted
to provide you with some amazing 
ideas, tips and tricks for the classroom.
We will be coming at you the last weekend of each month
with some great ideas all under a theme.
You know us teachers love themes!'
You'll get not one, but two days of awesome ideas1
Welcome to Mathmatical May!

Who loves getting things ready for next year about now?
Me! Me! Me!
I've done just about everything I can with this group.
Time to get ready for the next.
I saw this idea eons ago and have been meaning
to put it together forever.
When Weekend Warriors came to be I knew
this would be first on my plate of a
great classroom idea.
Who has one of these in their room?
I've had one since I started and I have
never ever liked it.
It's ugly, the kids don't get it...time for it to go!
I'm not even sure I ever bought this.
I think it was inherited.
But I need something to practice our daily place value.
Welcome to my room beautiful new magnetic place value board.
So happy you could join us!
Oh, and you brought a friend.
Welcome Money Board!
Here's the super simple how-to.
I picked up this little whiteboard at
the almighty Target for cheap-ish.
I added two strips of washi tape.
This is my money board.
The place value board has two vertical strips.
I's like to take credit for actually matching my 
shoes and my washi, but it was purely coincidental!
Then I had a whole lotta fun with my glue gun and
ones, tens, hundreds and money.
I managed to come out of this project unscathed!
Not hot glue burns for this gal!
Glad I had some ones to spare {wink}.
Then, I used these little letter stickers from Michaels.
The letters look a little wonky.
I think they are going to bug me big time.
I was totally wishing I had a Cameo for this step!
Now I am all set to rock and roll for next year.
Actually I still have 23 days left....weep weep.
I can get a little practice with this year's crop before
the 2014-1025 school year.
I was in such a hot glue frenzy that I ended up
making a money board as well.
The Place Value Board is psyched to have a friend,
Don't they look happy together?

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Come back tomorrow for some
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Here''s a little June sneak peek....
Pinspirational June!
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A picture says a thousand words right?
This one is great because you can't hear 
the twenty children acting like
 buffoons behind me!

I'm linking up with Christina for 
her super smart Wordless Wednesdays.

Be sure to carve out a little time
for blog reading this weekend!
It is the debut weekend of 
There will be ideas, tips, tricks and 
loads of GIVEAWAYS!

Happy Sunday Funday everyone!
I'm headed over the bridge today for my
sister-in-law's to be bridal shower.
It should be great minus the raging sore throat 
I woke up with.
My fun this week came from last weekend.
I had a truly delightful Mother's Day 
with my little family.
We went to breakfast, went to the beach 
and got ice cream all before noon!
 I received this adorable little FitBit from my husband.
It really helps to tell them exactly what you want.
I am rocking some super fun new jams 
this weekend too.
I am loving Jamberry nail wraps!
Take a peek on my Jamberry site if you
want to check out all the awesome designs.
These are called Neptune.
I'd love for you to follow my
jam site on Facebook too.
Let me know if you ever want to 
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I'd be happy to send you a free sample.
Here's the link

Have a wonderful week everyone!
Looking forward to seeing you
back here next weekend for 
something truly terrific.
Here's a little teaser...

Time to link up! 
Leave some love for your friends!

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