Wordless Wednesday- Science Rules!

My new pal Christina of Sugar and Spice has started the most brilliant linky ever! 
Welcome to Wordless Wednesday. 
Stop by here on (most) Wednesdays for a post that 
will simply be a picture and question or a brief few words. 
They do say a picture says a thousand words right? 

Here we go...
We had an awesome special science program today.
They are called Mad Science out of Rhode Island
 if you are from New England.
They have way cooler toys than me!
Do you have a weekly or monthly special science labs?


  1. Science experiments are my favorite!! :) Looks like your kids are having so much fun! I try to do an experiment every other week. Some weeks we do two or three depending on the unit. :) Thanks SO much for linking up!!! :)

  2. Looks like loads of fun. We have a naturalist visit us twice a month with animals. Maria

  3. Super cool! Are you in Rhode Island? That's where I grew up and went to college:) it's nice to hear a shout out for RI !!

    The Resourceful Apple


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