Sunday Funday 4/12 with a side of Product Swap

I've gots lots to share with you today friends!
I'm going to try to let the pictures do the talking
so I don't ramble on too much!
The extra sweet Cassie of Adventures in Teaching
was wonderful to organize some great teacher pals into
The Firstie Friends Product Swap!
I feel so lucky to have gotten to 
virtually know these gals!
Here's the cool stuff we all swapped.
I was lucky enough to be pair with the awesome 
I started reading her blog
around when I started blogging and have loved it ever since!
She's got the absolute cutest blog design too!
Her blog is full of great ideas, freebies and awesomeness.
Be sure to check it out!

I got to choose from her amazing store that full of over 200
amazing products. It was some serious decision making!

We don't have much of a math curriculum at our school
(which is another post for another day).
I can always use extra math resources!
I know I needed one of Latoya's great math products.
This product is a bundle of mini books for each month.
The mini books are full of perfect spiral review for first graders!
Using these in my classroom was a great way 
to not only give my students some review, but also
help me to see areas they are still struggling with. 
I had some kiddos that had no problems, but a
handful that needed some major handholding.
It was a great indicator of who needs what! 
Each month packet include 5 mini books.
This is loads of practice and assessment for your students.
**Cutting up the books is also great fine motor practice**
Joining up with Latoya was amazing.
There are a bunch of other great bloggers who joined in on the fun.
And you can win a whole bunch of their goodies!
Enter here!

Today is also Sunday Funday!!
I had some amazing fun yesterday...finally!
It was a brutally cold and snowy winter here 
in New England this year.
So much so that we had 5 snow days and do not
get out for the summer until 
June 25th (insert crying face).
But then today this happened...

We had an amazing day full of sun, egg hunt, 
beach walk, lunch outside and did I mention the sun?
Sorry first graders, but I'm ready for June 25th now.
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