Poetry Night Recap with some freebie love

Last week was the longest week ever!
I think I've recovered!
I was wiped out from our grade level Open House.
My district doesn't always quite do things that "make sense".
I don't think that's special to my district....
That seems to be all of education, huh?
Anyway every year we have an Open House
and every year for the past 4 years we've 
done something completely different!
Insert cross eyed crazy face!
I love reinventing the wheel, but this is nuts!

Yet, with all this insanity it was still a great event!!
I saw the idea of a "Poet Tree" on good old Pinterest
Each child decorated a leaf by writing 
their name in green marker and then coloring
over with various shades of green.
Around the "Poet Tree" we also 
wrote acrosticFLOWER poems. 
The class also did a 
beautiful job coloring butterflies.
I let them use all the magentas, aquamarines, red violets, etc.
that their meany pants teacher yanked from their crayon boxes.
I found out making this that also  kids feel extra cool if
you let them cut grass from long green paper.
 Here's an up close of our flowers and
several other templates we used.
We wrote sun poems, rain poems and we filled in the blanks
on a sweet little butterfly poem.
The students tucked most of their wonderful work
in their Poetry Portfolio.
This was simply 2 12 x 18 pieces of paper stapled together. 
Of course what would any grade one event by without some rainbows!
On the top you see our Rainbow Namebows
inspired by Reagan Tunstall.
Attached to the clouds we also made a sweet bio-poem.
On the bottom is our color poem.
We brainstormed all different things that are the colors of the rainbow
and I let the students fill in the poem using their favorite items.
 A colleague pulled up a TLC book.
I wasn't familiar with these projects, but they
were adorable with very "readable" poems.
These were awesome for fluency practice in
our days leading up to the big night!

We also presented the parents with a poem
in sign language that a parent volunteer taught the class.

All in all it was an adorable night and I was so 
proud of all my students!
Maybe next year we will do the same theme...
say it ain't so....
two years in a row?
That's ridiculous!

I'm psyched to share that many of the templates
you see here are available to you for free!

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I'm linking up today with my bbff Molly for 
her lovely linky!

Have a great rest of the week!
Three more days...
We have Friday off and
then all of next week.


  1. WOW - your Open House poetry turned out amazing! You are SO generous to share all of your goodies! Thank you!!

    Lucky to Be in First

  2. Hey what a great article, very insightful and unique. You know I have the similar concept at my blog poemjunction.blogspot.com

  3. Thanks so much for the awesome idea! I love the poem tree!! Thanks for the freebies. That's so sweet!!


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