Mother's Day Giveaway

Oh Moms!
They are the best!
We need to celebrate moms for more than
just one day out of the year for sure!
Maybe we should make this a monthly thing.
Who do I call about that?

I am so excited to share a fun little giveaway
with you all today!
Those amazing teachers Christy and Tammy over at
were kind enough to team up with me for a 
grand giveaway!
Have you seen their latest giftivity?
It is hands down the cutest thing I have 
seen in a long time!
I can't even decide what my favorite part is...
the cucumbers over the eye?... the cotton balls?
the hair wrap?...the curly-q hair?
Each part is cuter than the next!
These girls are amazing craft creators. 
I cannot wait to do this giftivity with my class!
Included are also two writing options for 
a coupon book or story book.
They have some of the absolute cutest poems inside!
You place these under the sweet 
spa mom's fluffy robe.
Christy and Tammy were sensitive to 
the various family dynamics students might 
have in your classroom.
They included grandma, aunt and a generic template as well.
I love these Fluttering Through First gals!
They are awesome teachers and moms for sure.

The SPA Mom is teaming up with my new
for a Magnificent Moms Giveaway! 
My new packet is chock full of writing,
craftivity and more that will for sure 
delight mom! She does deserve it after all!
Here's a sneak peek of what's inside!
Be sure to pop over to the
for a sweet Mother's Day freebie as well.

These activities will for sure
make your Mother's Day 
preparations a breeze.
All moms, grandmas, aunts and special ladies
will be delighted to receive the writing and crafts 
in this giveaway!
Enter today!
We will choose a winner on Sunday.


  1. I think I love the cucumbers the most! I may need to go to the spa after seeing this.
    Fingers crossed :)
    My Second Sense

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