Oh Moms!
They are the best!
We need to celebrate moms for more than
just one day out of the year for sure!
Maybe we should make this a monthly thing.
Who do I call about that?

I am so excited to share a fun little giveaway
with you all today!
Those amazing teachers Christy and Tammy over at
were kind enough to team up with me for a 
grand giveaway!
Have you seen their latest giftivity?
It is hands down the cutest thing I have 
seen in a long time!
I can't even decide what my favorite part is...
the cucumbers over the eye?... the cotton balls?
the hair wrap?...the curly-q hair?
Each part is cuter than the next!
These girls are amazing craft creators. 
I cannot wait to do this giftivity with my class!
Included are also two writing options for 
a coupon book or story book.
They have some of the absolute cutest poems inside!
You place these under the sweet 
spa mom's fluffy robe.
Christy and Tammy were sensitive to 
the various family dynamics students might 
have in your classroom.
They included grandma, aunt and a generic template as well.
I love these Fluttering Through First gals!
They are awesome teachers and moms for sure.

The SPA Mom is teaming up with my new
for a Magnificent Moms Giveaway! 
My new packet is chock full of writing,
craftivity and more that will for sure 
delight mom! She does deserve it after all!
Here's a sneak peek of what's inside!
Be sure to pop over to the
for a sweet Mother's Day freebie as well.

These activities will for sure
make your Mother's Day 
preparations a breeze.
All moms, grandmas, aunts and special ladies
will be delighted to receive the writing and crafts 
in this giveaway!
Enter today!
We will choose a winner on Sunday.

Welcome to Sunday Funday!
The very funnest part of my week was actually getting to spend a whole day with
 Molly from Lucky to be in First
That's right, they very gal I host this linky with!
Her boyfriend is from Boston so I get to see her 
every now and again.
We counted down seeing each other for 2 months!
We spend the whole day shopping, chatting, 
walking and drinking (of course)!
It's amazing we've only met each other twice because 
the way we chat and have fun together it's like we see 
each other everyday and have known each other forever!
Thanks for an awesome day Molly!

It's a Stitch Fix day here at A Burst of First!
This is my Stitch Fix Edition #2

I love the whole concept of Stitch Fix.
I never get fun mail, so this helps make my
months extra awesome.
For a brief run down....
You sign up and get a box of 5 handpicked items!
You keep what you like and send back what you don't.
It is $20 for the stylist fee. Whatever you keep you can
deduct the $20 stylist fee from.
If you keep everything it's 25% off.
For more details read this post.
Onto my mini fashion show!
 The Verdict...Yes, Please and Thank You!

  The Verdict...No...I'm working on staying young!

  The Verdict...No...I'd have two threads left by noon.

 The Verdict...No on the shirt. YES on the pants!!

If you are interested in Stitch Fix click on over using my referral link!
I'd be forever looking fab because of you. Thanks!!

I am linking this Stitch Fix-ness up with Maria from Kindercraze.
You can check out her awesome fix (she takes amazing pictures!)
as well as other fixes.
Oh, and enter a Stitch Fix giveaway too!!

This week was vacation so I have little to share school wise.
I have now hit the, "What am I teaching this week?" phase of my day.
I'm starting to panic just a tad. By 4p.m. I'll be in hot sweats. 
I am planning on cracking into this bad boy this week. 

I love using a baseball theme to teach!
The kids adore it! They most love creating their own teams.
I'll be back near the end of the week to show you all the fun we had with it. 
Slide on over to my tpt shop to check it out. 

We will also be getting ahead of the game 
by planning for Mother's Day. 
in the wee hours of this morning.
It's 50% off all day today!
That makes it just $2.

**please forgive any and all typos in this post**
I did it with my 2 year old in my lap.

Ok...time to link up all your fun!!
Share some love to our friends too!!

My Wordless Wednesday isn't really a picture today.
It's something even better! It's my whole entire blog.
I am speechless over the beautiful design 
Megan at A Bird in Hand Designs created.
If you are thinking of changing your blogging outfit 
you must check her out.
She's also an absolute wonder to work with.
I must have sent her 100 (or 10) emails about colors, placement, fonts and more.
She changed everything with not a blink of the eye.
Thank you Megan!
Take a poke around while you are here to see 
all the sunshiny cuteness!

for more awesome Wordless Wednesdays.
I love this link-up!

And I'm on vacation.
Whoop! Whoop!

EveryBUNNY loves a sale, right?
Is that not the cutest title ever?
My adorable friend Vera of The Tutu Teacher came up with that name.
Some sweet blogging friends and I are "sale"ing into Spring this
weekend by putting our entire stores at 20% off.
Spring is here so it's a great time to stock up on some
Springtime materials for the classroom.

And guess what… I am not the only one having a sale. Some others are too:

Of course this is Sunday Funday too!
I'm funning it up with my new Jamberry jamicure.
Perfectly springy for Easter!
If you don't know about Jamberry they are a vinyl nail wrap
that are 100% awesome and cute!!

I had a party recently and got loads of amazing goodies!

It was so fun that I decided to become a consultant.
I'd love for you to like my new Jamberry Facebook page.

If you'd ever like to have a Jamberry party 
I'd love to be your hostess with the mostest.
It's the easiest party I have ever hosted.
It's all run through Facebook so you don't have 
to cook, clean or even get dressed. 
That's a good time to me.
I'm a comfy clothes kinda gal!
Trust me folks...
easiest. party. ever!
If you'd like a free sample
please fill out this form.
What to learn more about Jamberry
or even do some shopping. Click here!
The cool thing is Jamberry wraps are
always buy 3 get 1 free!
They last up to 2 weeks on fingers and
4 weeks on toes.
And...you can get several manis/pedis out of
each sheet!

Have a "hop"py day everyone!
Don't forget to link up and leave some
love for your friends!

It was a long 4 day week in first grade.
We just can't seem to get on a
"regular" schedule these days. 
We had a wonderful program on vernal pools 
with the Audobon society.
Well, the kids thought it was wonderful.
I put on my Oscar nominated performance
for pretending to be excited about 
fairy shrimp, scud and dragonfly larvae. 

We met with the Audobon 3 times.
A pre-lesson, a field trip lesson and a post lesson.
This was great for my planning purposes...
3 hours I didn't have to plan!
I also spent 6 hours this week writing
curriculum with my team.
So that was 6 hours of sub plans
because I was out of the classroom.
So I didn't win on the planning end I guess!
The kids did have fun though and
the Audobon leader may be the nicest, happiest
person I've ever met.
I wish frog eggs made me that happy.

The little bit of normal time we did get in 
the classroom this week was all about graphing.
The kids interviewed each other on a variety of topics...
favorite color, favorite sport, favorite fruit and favorite animal.
We discussed how we need to be really careful when 
interviewing and how if everyone does a careful job we 
should all end up with the same data.
After working hard interviewing each other
the students then moved on to turning
their information into bar, tally and picture graphs.
We also answered questions about our own graphs.
The kiddos then had to write question for their friends
about the graphs they made.
Lots of Common Core goodness up in here!
When we return from Spring break
we will use some "make your own" graph activities.

If you want to have this graphing fun in your class
you can grab this packet.
It just got a fresh Spring update!
Click on the cover to check it out on tpt.

Don't forget to head back here for
brought to you by Molly and I!
If you are a blogger we'd love for you
to link up.
All you need to do is share something fun you did!
That's easy!!
Be sure to grab our button!

I am on Spring Break now!
Ten days of jammies and relaxation or
as much relaxation as one can do
when three kids are zooming around the house!
I'll be attempting to Spring clean too!

I'm of course link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching
for a little Five for Friday!

Last week was the longest week ever!
I think I've recovered!
I was wiped out from our grade level Open House.
My district doesn't always quite do things that "make sense".
I don't think that's special to my district....
That seems to be all of education, huh?
Anyway every year we have an Open House
and every year for the past 4 years we've 
done something completely different!
Insert cross eyed crazy face!
I love reinventing the wheel, but this is nuts!

Yet, with all this insanity it was still a great event!!
I saw the idea of a "Poet Tree" on good old Pinterest
Each child decorated a leaf by writing 
their name in green marker and then coloring
over with various shades of green.
Around the "Poet Tree" we also 
wrote acrosticFLOWER poems. 
The class also did a 
beautiful job coloring butterflies.
I let them use all the magentas, aquamarines, red violets, etc.
that their meany pants teacher yanked from their crayon boxes.
I found out making this that also  kids feel extra cool if
you let them cut grass from long green paper.
 Here's an up close of our flowers and
several other templates we used.
We wrote sun poems, rain poems and we filled in the blanks
on a sweet little butterfly poem.
The students tucked most of their wonderful work
in their Poetry Portfolio.
This was simply 2 12 x 18 pieces of paper stapled together. 
Of course what would any grade one event by without some rainbows!
On the top you see our Rainbow Namebows
inspired by Reagan Tunstall.
Attached to the clouds we also made a sweet bio-poem.
On the bottom is our color poem.
We brainstormed all different things that are the colors of the rainbow
and I let the students fill in the poem using their favorite items.
 A colleague pulled up a TLC book.
I wasn't familiar with these projects, but they
were adorable with very "readable" poems.
These were awesome for fluency practice in
our days leading up to the big night!

We also presented the parents with a poem
in sign language that a parent volunteer taught the class.

All in all it was an adorable night and I was so 
proud of all my students!
Maybe next year we will do the same theme...
say it ain't so....
two years in a row?
That's ridiculous!

I'm psyched to share that many of the templates
you see here are available to you for free!

You simply need to like A Burst of First on Facebook.
Then click on the "Fan Freebie" tab

I'm linking up today with my bbff Molly for 
her lovely linky!

Have a great rest of the week!
Three more days...
We have Friday off and
then all of next week.
I've gots lots to share with you today friends!
I'm going to try to let the pictures do the talking
so I don't ramble on too much!
The extra sweet Cassie of Adventures in Teaching
was wonderful to organize some great teacher pals into
The Firstie Friends Product Swap!
I feel so lucky to have gotten to 
virtually know these gals!
Here's the cool stuff we all swapped.
I was lucky enough to be pair with the awesome 
I started reading her blog
around when I started blogging and have loved it ever since!
She's got the absolute cutest blog design too!
Her blog is full of great ideas, freebies and awesomeness.
Be sure to check it out!

I got to choose from her amazing store that full of over 200
amazing products. It was some serious decision making!

We don't have much of a math curriculum at our school
(which is another post for another day).
I can always use extra math resources!
I know I needed one of Latoya's great math products.
This product is a bundle of mini books for each month.
The mini books are full of perfect spiral review for first graders!
Using these in my classroom was a great way 
to not only give my students some review, but also
help me to see areas they are still struggling with. 
I had some kiddos that had no problems, but a
handful that needed some major handholding.
It was a great indicator of who needs what! 
Each month packet include 5 mini books.
This is loads of practice and assessment for your students.
**Cutting up the books is also great fine motor practice**
Joining up with Latoya was amazing.
There are a bunch of other great bloggers who joined in on the fun.
And you can win a whole bunch of their goodies!
Enter here!

Today is also Sunday Funday!!
I had some amazing fun yesterday...finally!
It was a brutally cold and snowy winter here 
in New England this year.
So much so that we had 5 snow days and do not
get out for the summer until 
June 25th (insert crying face).
But then today this happened...

We had an amazing day full of sun, egg hunt, 
beach walk, lunch outside and did I mention the sun?
Sorry first graders, but I'm ready for June 25th now.
Link up and leave some love for 2 friends!

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