Swap 'til You Drop!

I am thrilled to be part of a great 
little something something this weekend. 
Some blog pals and I got together and exchanged
some amazing products.
I wish there was enough time to use all the 
good stuff that is out there!
I was thrilled to be partnered with the
adorable Christy from Crayons and Whimsy.

She was so sweet in sending me her 
brandy spankin' new
We had a grand time with this product in grade one this week!
The kiddos truly enjoyed it.
It was a great break from our decodable readers {yawn}.
We started out by reading the adorable poem Christy made
on the Elmo.

It gave us the opportunity to have a little chat 
about speech bubbles.
Christy also included some adjective work in the pack!
I was really impressed with some of the describing words
my little friends came up with!

But the work on the Elmo was just the start!
Onto reading groups where we really got to enjoy 
the mini books Christy created.
We first read the books aloud as a whole group.
Then we got to do the fun interactive activities.
Here are some kiddos circling the leprechauns for some ordinal number practice.
We don't get to practice this skill often since it is not 
officially in the Common Core for grade one.
It's still a great skill to work on!
We also worked on drawing all the little pictures in!
The group really enjoyed this.
It's not everyday we get to draw in our books.
Then we read the book using my little "Leader/Reader" method.
You can read more about"Leader/Reader" here!
Christy also included a little mini version of the poem.
This group insisted I staple these onto the back of their books.
"Okay kids! Whatever makes you happy!"

My second reading group was a higher level so we 
used Christy's higher level book.
Yes- you heard that right!
There are two books for the varied levels in your classroom.
This group got to write the leprechaun's dialogue in the
speech bubbles.
This was extra fun because their wacky smart teacher used
her fake Irish brogue and told them to use their 
wee handwriting to fit in the small bubble.
This group also got some extra practice with adjectives.
What fun this whole activity this was. 
I loved it because it wasn't one thing and we were done.
We got to revisit our whole group work in the small groups.
The small groups were also leveled so I was able to 
differentiate my instruction. Yet, I loved I was able 
to do that while using the same book.

I am so privileged because I got to try out 2 of Christy's products.
The second product I was lucky enough to check out was
This product was awesome.
We did shapes about a month ago so this was a great spiral for us.
We started off with the animals Christy created.
There are 4 different levels of difficulty for the kids.

We started out with a quick pattern block review
using this poster of Christy's.

Then we rocked out some pattern block animal practice!
Christy created 4 different levels of pattern block
practice which are easily color coded!
After pattern block practice we created out own
creatures inspired by Dr. Seuss' wild creatures.
We loved using There's a Wocket in My Pocket 
for inspiration!
Here are a few amazing creations my class came up with!

Shown here we have a 
limeworm, a fofl (who like waffles!), 
a pillacat and a spider vampire.
These are some crazy characters!

Christy also include a superb recording sheet which unfortunately
 we didn't have a time for. They would have been perfect
for this activity though!

A big THANK YOU to Jamie from Bright Concepts 4 Teachers
for her amazing organization of this product swap. 
Check out everyone in product swap PLEASE!
I love each and every one of these awesome bloggers!

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Good luck!

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  1. Great reviews!! These products look adorable - I hope I win =)

    First Grade Smiles

  2. I love when products are differentiated for all those levels we have to teach. Both products look wonderful! Thanks for the great review!
    Bright Concepts 4 Teachers


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