Hooray for the 2nd of many
Sunday Fundays!
Molly at Lucky to be in First and I are
having so much fun getting ready for
our Fundays with you!
My fun this weekend was all about my children.
I have 3 kiddos and they keep me BUSY.
Did you notice my all caps and bold font?
I don't know how people have 4...5...6...10 kids!

We try to keep our kiddos busy and engaged.
And of course having lots of FUN!
This weekend I dusted off my sewing machine
for a little sewing project with my Lu. 
This little 4 year old loves all things girly!
dresses, dollies, babies, coloring, princesses
We've got it all going on around here. 
So we whipped up these little numbers for 
her and her American Girl.
We used this adorable video tutorial by
Dana from Made

I followed her blog long before I started 
reading teaching blogs.
I really really want to be as crafty as her.
But,  I seriously have a very hard time sewing 
in a straight line. 
We all have challenges!
Let's ignore that she's in pajamas and that
my kitchen has the worst lighting for pictures.
Focus on those cute skirts!
It's fabric with letters on it!

I also had a chance to do a few fun school
things with my son.
He gets home from school before me so my mom
or husband often get to his homework before me.
We haven't had many chances to work together
on educational activities.
He is really taking to learning and I thought
"Hey, I bet he'd love to do some of the things I create".
And by golly! He loved it!
We dived into a little of my 
We played "Dancing a Number Jig"
It's a greater than/ less than card game.
He had tons of fun and I was so impressed
with how he could make 2 digit numbers with playing cards.
He was also super psyched to trounce me in the game!

He was cracking up that I lost =(

We also had a great time taking turns
with a count/tally/graph picture.
I printed this out for him, but in my classroom
I like to project these on the white board to save on ink.

Here's a preview of what's inside.
You can grab these in my tpt shop.

I had a ton of fun in the big TPT sale this week.
I am so so grateful to you the buyers!
One really fun thing for the sale
 was I made my first bundle!
I bundled all my math workshops together. 
They are so excited to all be together now!
It's a steal of a deal to buy now.
Some food for thought.
Here's your savings breakdown.

Buy Math Workshop {The Bundle} before May 31st
$5 per pack x 7 months = $35
Get April, May and June for FREE
How fun is that?

Buy Math Workshop {The Bundle} after May 31st, 2014
$5 per pack x 10 months =$50

Buy Math Workshop each month
$5.50 per month x 10 months = $55

There's a lot of fun in all that savings!
I can't wait to hear about the fun you 
are all having!


  1. You are so crafty. My sixth grader can sew better than I can. Thank goodness for our FACS classes at school. I love that you showed your son working on your products. They look awesome! Enjoy your Sunday!
    Coffee Cups and Lesson Plans

  2. I have 2 little girls and we are still *considering* having a third child but I already feel like I have no time. I need to become more organized with my time before we have that third child. I will be coming to you for help because OMGoodness look at all that you are able to get done with 3 kids. I am in awe! Love those skirts --- suuuuuper cute! Thanks for this fun linky! You girls ROCK!!!

    First Grade Smiles

  3. I'm so impressed! I love the skirt. You are amazing!

    Suntans and Lesson Plans

  4. Finally got around and posted this week! So bummed I missed the first one! This linky was the perfect way to share the fun happenings this week. Thanks so much for hosting!



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